Real World

Exciting MAGICAL things are happening to these 4 roomates.
And it all started with an e-mail from Simon Cowell...
But the thing's not supposed to be a fairytale..
This is the Real World..


2. Drop Off

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

ughh..gotta wake up the girls.'s only 5..

Ughhh..gotta take a shower.

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep

Ughh..Shut up!!

I reached over to hit the off button on the alarm clock and slowly got up and did my morning routine.

1. Turn off alarm (check)

2. Go do all bathroom related business.....(check)

3. Take out outfit for the day......(check)

4. Go wake up anyone who needs to wake up...

I walked into everyone's room to only find out that they were all downstairs making breakfast.

"Morning guys. You ready for today?!!" I said grabbing my plate and serving myself.

5. Eat breakfast....(check)

"Fuck yeah! I couldn't even sleep. I'm glad I don't look or feel tired today. That woulda been horrible." I heard Gaby say from behind me.

I heard other muffles and 'hell yeas' from the girls as I made my way to the table with them.

"Did you guys like the outfits, or did you switch things around?" I asked biting into my creamcheese & jalapeno sandwich.

"No we loved everything. Thank you!!" Kim said with her mouth full of food.

"Honestly're the reason why I seem like a mother to you guys." I chuckled as she put her hand over her mouth appologizing. "Do you need any other help?"

"Kim said she would help with our makeup, but can you help with my hair?" Ana said trying to put her massive jungle of red hair into a braid.

"Yeah. Go jump in the shower in a little bit so I can do a braided up-do..before it starts to poof...It'll go with your outfit. Is that it..we've only got about 2 hours before we leave."

"Yeah can you do a double waterfall braid for me?"

"Yeah no problem Kim. Everyone else..hurry up and get ready."


I just finished putting on my silery glittery bowtie for the uniform I had to wear for the wedding.

Black pants, black button up longsleeve, black flats,

no jewlery ( exception of studded earrings),

a black, red, or silver glitter tie/bowtie,

hair in ponytail, no bold makeup.

This woman was definately crazy. At least I could wear a bowtie. It's been one of my signature pieces since highschool. I hope the white highlight I have in the corner of my eyes isn't going to piss her off somehow though. She'll probably try to kill me.

Ehh oh well, it'll wear off throughout the day.

"Nessa we're all ready to're gonna be late if we don't leave now!" I heard someone shout from dowstairs and then seconds later I heard the front door slam shut.


You have made it to your destination.

"Oh why thank you Lou (GPS)..Alright goodluck guys. Knock 'em dead!"

I wave goodbye as they all piled out of the family car, and I peeled out of the parking lot to head to Bridezilla..



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