Love and Harry

18 year old Sunny Clinker is an artist. She's awesome, fun, friendly and has the ability to talk more than humanly possible. She has a boyfriend two best friends and an awesome sister. But things in Sunny's life take a twist and then more.


6. Touch me

Harry's POV:
Sunny texted me around midnight saying she has a plan to get back at Todd and it was saucy if you what l mean. She also added that she was in her lingire, bra and panties. She warned me not to get serious because she doesn't want to be pregnant. When she said that, it reminded me of when we were young. We wanted to know how it felt to have sex so we watched a video amd did the same thing. It is an awesome feeling and that made me want to start over. Light knocking interrupted my thoughts. I opened the door to a very sexy looking Sunshine. She leaned in on me and started to kiss me very passiontantly and gave me a light hand job. She pulled away and said " We should record this so we know how it went." I agreed with her and brought back a cam corder. I hit record and we started. She kissed me again and did the handjob. I laid her down on the sofa and removed her bra. I left wet kisses on her mostly naked body and her moaning. I pulled down her pantie to find her pussy wet with cum. I licked everything up and stuck my tounge in her. More moaning. I stopped and stuck my dick out. She got up and gave me the best blow job ever. I cummed all over her. I laid her back down, took my dick and slowly put it inside of her. Alot more moaning. I moved it in and out, going deeper and deeper. She nearly yelped. I stuck it as deep as l could and bent down and whispered " l'm starting to get serious." She replied " l know. I am too." Then out of no where she grabbed my dick and yanked it out of her pussy. " my style now Hazza." She said. She laid me down and took my dick. She put it up straight and got over it. She lowered herself down and decided to have fun while literally habing fun. She pretended to be a cowgirl on her horse. She rode my till we both laughed out loud. She looked at me sadly and said " Hazza this was the best sex we have ever had." I agreed and she suddenly sat on my mouth. I tounge fucked her for some time until we moved down to her ass hole. She got down on the floor like a baby and stuck her ass out. I smiled and took my dick and jammed it into her. I moved in and out in and out. Yup best sex ever indeed. Ohh about to cumm.... I took my dick out and put into her pussy. Then l let everything out inside. "Oh ya Sunshine you know you have a 90% chance of getting pregnant, right?" She said yes happily.
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