Love and Harry

18 year old Sunny Clinker is an artist. She's awesome, fun, friendly and has the ability to talk more than humanly possible. She has a boyfriend two best friends and an awesome sister. But things in Sunny's life take a twist and then more.


4. To Hazza

Sunny's POV:
I ran and ran and ran to Harry's house. Tears kept flowing from my eyes like a river flowing to an ocean. I was broken. I got to his house and ran up the steps and banged on the door. I looked back to see if Todd followed me here. He didn't. Harry opened the door and l flew into his arms and wept. He was completely taken back but he led me inside to his living room.
Harry's POV:
I was watching the X-factor when l heard loud banging on my door. I went to get but when l opened it, Sunny suddenly flew into my arms weeping. I was so taken back but l still took her inside. I sat her on the couch, got a box of tissues, and sat next to her. She took a tissue and then looked at me. She smiled and said thanks Hazza and you're naked. Oh crap l forgot. I went up to my room put on my underwear and pants, grabbed a plaid shirt and went back down. I sat back down next to my little piece of sunshine.(ya i know i call her with it people. :) ). She started to tell me the story. At the end, I was in tears. Brianna (my gf) did that to me?!!?!?!!! She is dead the next time I see her. Sunshine and l hugged and stayed like that for a long time. I guess we felt the need and we just needed each other. Shortly after she bid good bye and headed off to her home. Oh my god I didn't tell you how we knew each other!!!! We were and still are best friends since we were little. Everyone thought we were dating but we were not. I love her and she loves me but not that way. We understood each other like no one could. Tears dried and l decided l could do better with my girl friends. They had to be like Sunshine.
Heyy people hope you like this um oh ya :) this was BEFORE Harry and the boyz went to X factor and became famous. Just so there's no confusion ;).
Ya'll are amaZayn,
Hazza's Sunshine :)

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