Love and Harry

18 year old Sunny Clinker is an artist. She's awesome, fun, friendly and has the ability to talk more than humanly possible. She has a boyfriend two best friends and an awesome sister. But things in Sunny's life take a twist and then more.


7. Exposure

Sunny's POV:
Harry and l did a great job but it was for real. He let me sleep over but l needed clothes. He gave me his OWN purple Jack Wills sweatshirt for me to wear, and it was long enough to be a short dress. We went to sleep in the same room, same bed. Before l drifted off to sleep Hazza turned to me and asked if l really felt anything during the "rehersal". I told him that l did feel something and it was burning love. We leaned into each other and gave each other a passionate kiss. "So Hazza, does this mean we are actually dating?" I ask with hopeful eyes. He puts his head on my shoulder and says " lf you want my love, l'd do anything." Omg Harry can be soo freaking romantic at times!!!! Oh l was glad that Harry and l were dating now. He was actually to be honest with ya'll, the best guy l have ever met. I love him.
Olivia's POV:
Last night l heard Sunny's entire conversation wth her other bestie, Jessica. She was actually going to go over to Harry's house and like have fake sex with him!?!?!?!??!!!! So l watched her leave after she thought that l was asleep, and she really did leave, just in her bra and undies. Ugh wierdo. I hope she enjoys it cause if she gets a baby l'm not in charge!! The next morning l woke up early to see Sunny come home. We are twins, we know each other's thoughts. She's going to come early and pretend that she just woke up. I glanced at the clock: 4:30. She should be arriving soon. I stationed myself on her bed. In the distance l heard the door creak open. Show time. Tip towing was comin closer. She reached the door but she she was looking behind her, into my room, to see if l was in there. She sighed in relif then turned to face me and uttered a gasp of shock. She knew she was busted.
A/N :
HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Love you!!
Lots of love,
Hazzas Sunshine :)
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