Love and Harry

18 year old Sunny Clinker is an artist. She's awesome, fun, friendly and has the ability to talk more than humanly possible. She has a boyfriend two best friends and an awesome sister. But things in Sunny's life take a twist and then more.


2. Alone With Him

Sunny's POV:
As I walked into the living room I saw Olivia and Todd together. That's something that would get me concerned. I sneak up behind them and hear my name and the word anniversary. Just then Olivia spots me and says " Hey twinsie! Don't try snooping! You're not going to know your present till your anniversary!!" Todd just smiled at me and pulls me closer to him and snoggs me for a long time. His hand goes down... I pull away and frown. "You're not getting there so easy Todd!!" I say. I look around, Olivia has left the room.
Todd's POV:
Wow Sunny crept up on us and Olivia made a lie about what I was getting her for our anniversary. The girl and I had a makeout session and l tried to move my hand down to her stomach then lower but she pulled away. Sunny is perfect and all it's just that I don't love her and she would have been better if she let me use her like a doll like l do to the chic l'm cheating on her with. Ha if Sunny knew what kind of person l was, she would dump me straight. Her suprise for our anniversary is my reveled self. Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! I know l'm cheesey.
Sunny's POV:
I felt sleepy after all that painting so Todd and l snuggled together on the couch and l fell asleep. Yet l was getting tickled in a certain body area but l just slept through it. It was most likely nothing.
Todd's POV:
Sunny slept on me so l made my move. I pulled her skirt up and moved her underwear aside. I started moving my finger slowly across her private spot. But l got interrupted by some screaming. Sunny's eyes flew open and she looked straight at my finger in her spot then looked at me then at Olivia, who was the person who screamed. Most likely to wake her up. " why are you screaming Livey?!?!!!! Ya l know what he's doing." said Sunny. Then she got up and left quietly. Uh-oh.

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