Love and Harry

18 year old Sunny Clinker is an artist. She's awesome, fun, friendly and has the ability to talk more than humanly possible. She has a boyfriend two best friends and an awesome sister. But things in Sunny's life take a twist and then more.


1. The master piece

Sunny's POV
"Hey sis what do you think it needs, you ARE the fashionative one." Olivia, my twin, replied with a sigh," ok let's see try a belt, curl your hair a bit more, omg get some blush girl!,light eyeshadow, lip gloss, oo some silver braclets, a diamond necklace with a S on it, maybe a-" " OLIVIA!!!!!!" I yelled. " Too much sista". Well ya it was too much, I am not a fashion show model! What we were talking about was my painting NOT me. I was doing a portrait of me and my boyfriend because our anniversary was coming up. I added whatever she just said and stepped back. It was missing something. Just then the doorbell rang. Olivia went to see who it was and came back telling me it was Todd my boyfriend. I threw a canvas over my painting and hid it in my mom's room. Olivia answered the door.
Olivia's POV:
I went to answer the door as Sunny went to freshen up. I opened the door and Todd stepped inside. He looked around and asked " where's Sunny?" I said she was in the bathroom and Todd smirked. Then suddenly and swiftly he pinned me against the wall then whispered into my ear " your sister has no idea what is coming for her". Instantly I became terrified for my dear twin sister. Speaking of her she just walked into the room.
Hey guys this is my very first movellas please no hate comments thanks!!
- stay FabuLouis, hazza's sunshine :)
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