Truths to Life

This is my entry to the Second Poetry competition - hope you like it! :-D
P.S. I also hope that you all had a great Christmas!


1. Things aren't Always as they Seem

Not all that is good is bright,

None who fear are weak,

All bravery isn’t proved by the fight,

Some who are great are last to speak.


Not all that burns is fire,

Not all darkness is foreboded,

All that karma favours have been the liar,

Not every problem is coded.


No time has ever been lost,

None of the rich are content,

Not all roads need to be crossed,

No happiness is bought, but lent.


Not all money is well-spent,

Not all cold is numb,

Not every rule can be bent,

All guests aren’t forced to come.


Not everything has a cost,

Not everyone has any luck,

Only the peak can be touched by the frost,

Not everything that is dirty is muck.


Not all those with smiles are true,

No hope is reserved for some,

Not all old is worse than new,

None of life is worthless, so keep your heart a drum.

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