I Can't Believe You

Amy is 16. Hooes she react whn her mum dies and her best friend isn't there for her? She hought she knew Harry Styles iside and out, but does she really? I'm making a new account and starting this story over. so if you see this story again than its still me writing. just on a different account. thx be sure to check it out. ive actually changed my mind. im still going to write it but im changing the story line. so some parts will be the same while others will be completley differen. it will have the same title thlugh so be sure to cgeck it out.


4. chapter 4

The next morning...
i wake on something much softer than the cold,wet,and hard ground of the park. i also feel heat beside me... I open my eyes slowly wanting to back to my dream world that holds everything i could ever ask for, including my mum .coming back to me. Opening my eye is the last thing i want to do. When my eyes open I see the familar room with too many posters and calenders cluttering the walls, the dirty clothes littering the floor, and the dished that have been there for way to long, the room that can only belong to Harry. I'm sure your wondering how someone like me who has no friends could be best friends with 'the' Harry Styles. well... heres my story. It started when I was on vacation with my parents when I was around 13. I met Harry while at a dance that my mother insisted i go to. Of course I couldn't resit Harry's flirty charm. We swaped numbers and promised to keep in touch. well every summer Harry came up for a week to visit. My father wasnt to happy with the idea in the first place but eventually he came to like Harry over the years. Harry only lives a few towns away so now that he can drive he comes up almost every weekend. well this time he came up for his week in the summer and my mum passed away "sniff". well that's my boring story of how i met Harry Styles. I have a feeling the body beside me is Harry because it's Harrys room. true i have been to harrys house before many timed more than i can count. Usually Harry comes to see me on Saturday's and I ride back with him and stay Saturday day night and a bit of Sunday before Harry drives me back home so i can go to school the next day. Now back to reality to whats going on at this moment...
as im about to slip out of bed i hear Harry mumbling. I lay back down and listen holding my breath.
"I love you Amy, forever"
"What?" i murmur to myself. did he really say he loves me?
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