I Can't Believe You

Amy is 16. Hooes she react whn her mum dies and her best friend isn't there for her? She hought she knew Harry Styles iside and out, but does she really? I'm making a new account and starting this story over. so if you see this story again than its still me writing. just on a different account. thx be sure to check it out. ive actually changed my mind. im still going to write it but im changing the story line. so some parts will be the same while others will be completley differen. it will have the same title thlugh so be sure to cgeck it out.


2. Chapter 2

Waking up on cold, wet, hard ground isn't a very nice 'good morning.' Just trying to sit up hurts. I pull out my phone which just happens to be almost dead. Great. Just great. Wrapping my arms around myself trying to stay warm, while I pull up my contacts. It says mom then the one below it says Harry Styles. I begin to cry silently to myself. I slowly delete my mums number as in I won't be able to talk to her ever again. Truly realizing that I won't be able to see her share my thoughts or complain about my bad day at school, finally hits me. Sobs wrack through my body as I lay shaking on the ground. I keep Harry's number in my phone, hopefully trying to forget our fight. This is the worst fight I've ever had. Harry and I have never had a fight besides last night. Tears brim to my eyes just after the second round stopped. I wonder if Harry is thinking about our fight as I'm thinking of it now.
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