I Can't Believe You

Amy is 16. Hooes she react whn her mum dies and her best friend isn't there for her? She hought she knew Harry Styles iside and out, but does she really? I'm making a new account and starting this story over. so if you see this story again than its still me writing. just on a different account. thx be sure to check it out. ive actually changed my mind. im still going to write it but im changing the story line. so some parts will be the same while others will be completley differen. it will have the same title thlugh so be sure to cgeck it out.


5. authors note. please read!

Ok sorry if you thought this was a chapter. its not. just me telling you im making a new account and rewriting the story on that account and changing it some. the title will still be the same. the first chapter should be up any minute. be sure to check it out comment and like. ill be needing some new characters! so in the comment leave your first name. height. eye color. length and color of your hair. thanks.
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