Summer Love (Harry Styles)

My name is ______, ______ Horan, yes, Im Niall's sister, I have a twin sister named Brooklyn, she's cruel, evil, and mean, her best friends are Emma, Vanessa, and Perrie, they're known as 'The Plastics' as me, in the other side, im nice, funny, and you can trust in me, my best friends are Eleanor and Danielle, im really nervous, my brother is gonna introduce me his friends, my brother told me that his friends were going to stay at our place, I hope they like me.


1. Desperate


Well, here I am waiting for my brother to come home with his friends, I was thinking if they would like me, if they would like being here with me, my head was in the clouds, I came back to earth when I saw my twin sister Brooklyn, coming down the stairs. 

''Well, it seems that you're desperate about Niall coming home with his friends.'' Brooklyn said with a smile

''And why do you even care?'' I responded to her

''Look'' She came closer to me ''No one ever responds me like that, you hear!?''

''Well, I already did'' I said, she slapped me

''You were thinking that you can talk to me in that way, didn't you? Well, let me tell you something, if you that again, or anything else to make me angry, you'll wish never been born'' She said in an angry tone, and then she walked to the stairs.

I just watched as she head up to her room.

I got up from my seat when I heard the front door was opening.

''Niall!'' I said, I came up to him and gave him a hug.

''Hey ______'' He said smiling

I stopped hugging him, and I smiled.

''Hey Niall, I didnt know you had a girlfriend, why didnt you tell us?'' A curly haired boy said, he was very handsome.

''Im not his girlfriend, im his sister ______'' I said

''Sorry, I didnt know, im Harry, Harry Styles'' He said with a smile

''Its okay Harry, between, I love your hair'' I said smiling

''Well, thank you maam'' Said Harry

''Okay, ____, he's....''


-To be continued-

Hey! So, this is my new story, it's the first one I had wrote, but please, go easy on me haha, well, I hope you liked it, leave your opinions on the comments.



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