Away With The Fairies

When Gaby's mom dies, her world changes. She starts new things and makes a new friend, the strangest she has ever met, with the strangest family imaginable....


2. Fairy Secrets

Hey guys! Sorry this has taken so long to upload but I had some trouble with the actual website because I couldn't find where to add another chapter! Hahaha x Pleeeease R&R it would mean a lot to me! <3 Hope you like!!!


She grabbed her grans keys and shot out the door. The little Nissan was parked out of view of the window, and her gran couldn't see her hop in and revv up the engine. This was illegal. We were underage.

"Get out of the car, Denise," I hissed, "before soemone sees you!"

"I suggest you get in," she growled at me, "come on Gaby, trust me. I can drive, we won't get caught. I'm sure of it."

"Famous last words," I muttered, ducking my head and strapping my seatbelt tightly. She sped out of the estate and on to the ground, beeping the horn and passing out drivers rudely. Why was she drawing attention to herself? "Slow down, Denise!" I shrieked, clinging on to the dashboard as she turned sharply around the corner, making the tyres squeak. After about twenty minutes of annoying drivers, we slowed down about to drive up a rocky road with loads of potholes and bumps that made your head crash against the ceiling. A spooky forest of tall pine trees rustling in the wind was straight ahead

Whatever place this was, Denise seemed too know her way around fairly well, and ducked into a part  of the forest without even looking to see if there was a clearing. I followed her, listening to each snap of a twig and crunch of a leaf with rapt attention, so I wouldn't lose her.

After about ten minutes of being painfully scratched by branches, we reached a circle of flattened-out grass around a huge tree. It's branches poked out one after another, perfect for climbing. Denise was resting against it, a little smile on her pretty face.

"What does this have to do with your secret?" I asked, annoyed.

"It has everything to do with my secret," said Denise, all seriousness. "Now," she looed me straight in the eye, "do you promise to take this to your grave?"


|She took a deep breath, extended her arms and arche her back slightly. And before I knew it, a pair of entrancing wings had grown out of her back. They were outlined with pink, and gold in the middle. Although there was no glitter on them, there was still a kind of glittery way about them.

"OhmyGOD DENISE!" I screamed, "you have wings growing out of your shoulder bones! What the hell?!?!"

She gave a little smile. "Now do you understand why you can't tell anyone? I'll have to kill myself, or my people will kill me themselves." 

"But why did you want to show me anyway?" My mind was buzzing with millions of questions, but I had to stay calm, ask the practical ones.

"I need your help, Gaby," she whispered urgently. "Listen carefully, don't interrupt." And she began:

"A year ago, I was going out with the kings son,-" The king?!!? "-but I found out he was two-timing me and ended it with him. That didn't make him very happy. And on the same day, my father shouted at the King's laws." She sniffed. "The King jinxed us and brought us into the town, asking us tell everyone we were fairies. Obviously, they chucked us into the nearest asylum.

"I got out in two weeks, but my parents are still under their spell, and we need to get them out. You have to help me, I can't do this alone."

I nodded, "yes, of course I'll help you.. You have a king?"

"Yes. And magic, and our own land." She laughed, "I only go into your world because of my parents. I only started that dump of a school last year."

"O-K?" I frowned. This was still super crazy. "How do you get in?"

"Climb that tree until I say stop," she told me.

"Is this a joke??"

"No!! Just climb, come on it's easy."

I scaled the large tree, putting my foot on each sticking out branch until I was up wayer higher than I liked. When |I looked down, my stomach churned and my head got all dizzy. "Wh-What next?"


"Are you crazy?" I shrieked, beginning to climb back down, "no. No, no,no,no, NO!"

"Gaby, trust me." Denise flew down to my branch, "why would I try to kill you? Now go back up, and jump, please."

I guess she wouldn't kill me. And she didn't get us thrown into jail, and she was my friend.

So I sighed and climbed up the tree. I could see my life flash before my eyes as I bent my knees and jumped.




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