I Will See You Again ( One Direction fanfic )

What happens when Marilyn Juster gets separated by her true love Harry styles because of a plane crash on Marilyn's birthday? Marilyn loses her memory but finds 2 new friends. They get welcomed to the music and dance industry forming a band named JKM. But what happens when she bumps into the people from her past? Will she remember them? Or will she not? Will she get In a love square? Or does there life depend on a heart warming gift Marilyn got for her birthday? Read to find out!

A/N this may sound similar to another book but read the first chapter and you'll find out why!!


6. I'm alive

Marilyn's   POV: 
I was awake....... I was awake...... I WAS AWAKE YESSS!! Wait where am I......all I remembered was me at the airport, going on my plane then " boom " everything went black...... Wait why am I here....... What I want to know more is why was I at the airport. After several minutes of thinking I finally discovered..... Just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes the tears..... The tears of sadness and..... And sorrow. I went there for my d-d-dads f-f-funeral, wow if I can't even think it or say it in my head then how will I say it in person. It was so hard o contain the tears so I just let them out I let them cry out to the world cry out to the people but most importantly cry out........ Cry out for my .......DAD. Wait who even took me to the airport I didn't get my drivers license yet.... Hey wait ........HARRY!!!! 
I looked around the room frantically looking for any signs of Harry being here. I just noticed that " here " was the hospital. I heard some faint sobs coming from beside my bed, I slowly tilted my head already knowing who it was " Harry ..... I'm awake ...... HARRY" I don't understand why can't he hear me w-w-what's going on " HArry wake up look look its me Marilyn" I kinda screamed while jumping off the bed and kneeling beside him rubbing his back. He still couldn't hear me but he calmed down a little bit when I started rubbing circles 0n his back.

[[[[[[~Harry's  POV~]]]]]] I started sobbing non-stop like a baby.
Soon my sobbing got a little quieter and sounded like faint sobs. For some reason I had a strange feeling that M.J (Marilyn) is awake , I felt someone rub small circles on my back, I turned around no.... No one was there. I just remembered the doctor said that her spirit was still living like her ghost or something like that,
" Marilyn babe I know your there I just want to say  I will aways be with you I won't go through life with out you I won't let you go through life unprotected I want to be the one protecting you m.j I want to be your hero I want to be the part that completes you I want to be the one walking down the wedding carpet holding your hands my hands and your hands together......... Marilyn I love you I love you just as much as the fish love water I love you more than anything in this world some people say that....that the rainbow is my light or the sun is my light but you Marilyn Taylor Juster you are my light you are my sunshine your the one that lights up my world like nobody else oh and the ways that you flip your hair do you know how overwhelmed I get? I swear to god I won't let anything happen to you I want you to be my first and only girlfriend my first and  only wife I want you to be my first and only everything but first you have to promise you will take this pledge and believe that I will agree no not agree from now on it will be my life goal too do all Those thing I promise you only if you promise me too I love you And hey we still have the necklaces" I finished feeling wet drops on me and tears in my eyes....... But I'm pretttty sure that those tears aren't mine you know the ones that I felt on me.........
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