I Will See You Again ( One Direction fanfic )

What happens when Marilyn Juster gets separated by her true love Harry styles because of a plane crash on Marilyn's birthday? Marilyn loses her memory but finds 2 new friends. They get welcomed to the music and dance industry forming a band named JKM. But what happens when she bumps into the people from her past? Will she remember them? Or will she not? Will she get In a love square? Or does there life depend on a heart warming gift Marilyn got for her birthday? Read to find out!

A/N this may sound similar to another book but read the first chapter and you'll find out why!!


7. He's not coming back

Marilyn's   POV:
Harry seemed to calm down and began his long an memorable speech
"Marilyn babe I know your there I just want to say  I will aways be with you I won't go through life with out you I won't let you go through life unprotected I want to be the one protecting you m.j I want to be your hero I want to be the part that completes you I want to be the one walking down the wedding carpet holding your hands my hands and your hands together......... Marilyn I love you I love you just as much as the fish love water I love you more than anything in this world some people say that....that the rainbow is my light or the sun is my light but you Marilyn Taylor Juster you are my light you are my sunshine your the one that lights up my world like nobody else oh and the ways that you flip your hair do you know how overwhelmed I get? I swear to god I won't let anything happen to you I want you to be my first and only girlfriend my first and  only wife I want you to be my first and only everything but first you have to promise you will take this pledge and believe that I will agree no not agree from now on it will be my life goal too do all Those thing I promise you only if you promise me too I love you And hey we still have the necklaces" he finished.

I had tears in my eyes and I had my mouth hung open " that...... T.... That was so beautiful" I said sobbing into Harry's chest.

-------Harry's   POV---------
Out of no where I felt some weight on me well on my chest but still. I think it was Marilyn.
Since I think she's there now I decided to say the three magic words again " I love yo- " when I got interrupted by a nurse " um sir you have a phone call for you umm..... Anne styles in guessing your mom called" " umm yeah thanks " I replied.
As soon as the nurse left, I got up and said " bye babe see ya later remember im with you every step you take remember about the necklaces ok... Bye" I finished leaving the room to go to the phone booth.

Marilyn's   POV:
He left me....... He left me?
As he left I tilted my head down looking at the necklace and holding it in the palm of my hand letting a few tears slip. " bye " I whispered softly.

Harry's  POV:
I left her....... Why did I leave her?anyways I took the phone and this is how the conversation went:

Me: hi mum 
Mom: hi sweetie ( she was sobbing the whole time)
Me: Ꮤhats Ꮤrong Ꮤhy are you crying!
Mom: we got in a fight and we might get divorced
Mom: me a-and your d-d-dad (she was struggling to get the words out)
Me: WHAT? Ok stay there I'm coming k bye love ya
Mom: bye
  ---——-end of phone call--–-——
I hung up the phone and jogged to my car.

Marilyn's  POV:
I waited for like 10 minutes at the same spot but he didn't come back. Weakly and sadly I got up and started exploring.
I went over to the window slid it open and voila! Fresh air, I kept on breathing the fresh air in it felt good and it was the good time of year it was spring.
———-—-—2 hours later————
I got bored of standing in front of the window for 2 hours so I decided to explore for real. So I got out of my room and saw bunches of people, some of them were trying to get someone's attention but they wouldn't hear......just like Harry. Remembering about Harry brought a few tears to my eyes.
" hey why the tears " I hear I didn't think it was me they were talking to cause I just figured I'm In a coma and no one can see or hear me or see except for other people in a coma.
I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and saw a girl looking about my age with blonde hair just like mine and green eyes just like...... Harry's looking right at me with a worried look on her face.
Wait!!! She can see me, but how
" YOU CAN SEE ME" I asked happily... Hey maybe I can make a new friend " umm yeah I'm also In a coma too " she replied smiling.
" oh ok thanks cause I thought no one could see me " I said, we were both silent for a minute and then we blurted out laughing. Everyone else looked at us I'm guessing the other people in a coma. As the laughing calmed down she held out her hand and said
" hey I'm Jennifer " " nice name and oh hi I'm Marilyn " I replied. I was about to shake her hands but I stopped myself and had a worried face on my face. Soon enough Jennifer had a worried look to " what's wrong " she  asked worriedly " oh nothing " I said " then why the sad face?" she asked again, my frown turned upside down and I replied " well you see I only give hugs" I replied happily again pulling her into a hug with a huge smile plastered on both of our faces.
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