I Will See You Again ( One Direction fanfic )

What happens when Marilyn Juster gets separated by her true love Harry styles because of a plane crash on Marilyn's birthday? Marilyn loses her memory but finds 2 new friends. They get welcomed to the music and dance industry forming a band named JKM. But what happens when she bumps into the people from her past? Will she remember them? Or will she not? Will she get In a love square? Or does there life depend on a heart warming gift Marilyn got for her birthday? Read to find out!

A/N this may sound similar to another book but read the first chapter and you'll find out why!!


11. Carnival ( part 1 )

Marilyn's   POV:  
Once the girls saw me heading down the stairs,  they rapidly got their shoes on. Jennifer decided to wear White flip flops and Kayla wore orange flip flops which belonged to Jennifer. I however wore my purple all star converses. Jennifer said that we should walk to the carnival because it will help the environment, it's not that far and because we need fresh air. Once we got to the carnival  there were so many stuff like games, art centers, education centers, animal centers, food stands, rides,  colorful flickering lights, and contests, you name it it's all here. Suddenly there was a loud grumble coming from my stomach indicating that I was hungry, Jennifer and Kayla stared at me weirdly trying to hold in there laughter. " well sorry it's not my fault we haven't ate anything since we came back from the hospital " I explained, Jennifer and Kayla started laughing wildly I couldn't help but laugh along. I sniffed like a dog, I smelt something yummy. Out of no where my mind started dragging my feet somewhere. Jennifer and Kayla seemed to be right behind us, they can probably smell it too. We came to a sudden stop and infront of me stood a pie eating group contest. I spun rapidly facing the girls " do you want to do it I'm hungry, I love pie and besides its a group eating contest" I asked in hope that they would say yes " yeah sure. why not " replied Jennifer. We were now waiting for Kayla. We knew she didn't like eating a lot but whatever. " uhhhh fiiiine " she groaned extending the " i " in fine. Jennifer and I clapped and cheered loudly. Jennifer had a big appetite but not as big as mine. We headed to an empty table full of different kinds of pie flavors. There were only 2 groups if you include us but if you don't there's only 1 group of 3 boys with black beanies and black sunglasses on. We heard a voice that sounded like someone talking in a microphone which it was " would anyone else like to join the contest?" asked the man who I'm guessing was in charge of the pie contest. No one else came or atleast I think because it was loud. " no ok so here we have 2 groups and I'm guessing it's boys against girls then since there's one boy  group and one girl group. So here it is you and your group have to finish 100 pies each " started the pie guy, haha the pie guy it rhymes. Kayla groaned " 100 PiEs!!!! " she whispered/yelled loud enough so we could only hear. " and whichever team wins gets a      1 000 gift card for any bar, buffet or restaurant. I'm guessing the boys are gonna cheer for the boys and the girls are gonna cheer for the boys ehh ok so the only rule is NO CHEATING and wait for the starting alarm " he almost finished " Ready, set, GO " 
  { A/N } I'm really sorry that I haven't been updating in a while it's just that I'm really busy but I still try to write a chapter when I can and still will ~~ Xx��❤fresta❤��xX
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