I Will See You Again ( One Direction fanfic )

What happens when Marilyn Juster gets separated by her true love Harry styles because of a plane crash on Marilyn's birthday? Marilyn loses her memory but finds 2 new friends. They get welcomed to the music and dance industry forming a band named JKM. But what happens when she bumps into the people from her past? Will she remember them? Or will she not? Will she get In a love square? Or does there life depend on a heart warming gift Marilyn got for her birthday? Read to find out!

A/N this may sound similar to another book but read the first chapter and you'll find out why!!


9. Almost 2 years

 1   YEAR and 364  DAYS ( 1 more day until 2 years )
         Marilyn's   POV:   It's been really fun in a coma. We met a new girl her name is Kayla, she basically likes Nd does the same thing as us dance, sing, she too has blonde hair, speaking about blonde hair I have to re- dip dye my now faded purple did dyed hair. The girls and I are thinking about starting a band cause we've sang together and we are pretty good..... Just sayyin.

I couldn't believe that we are all getting released from a coma on the same day which is tomorrow YAY!!!
" sooo..... " I began " what is the band name even gonna be" I asked thinking " I don't know" said Kayla.

We were all thinking hard until all our heads shot up and at the same time We all screamed "JKM" we all looked at eachother and blurted  out laughing.
Once we calmed down " like seriously ever since I met you guys I can't stop laughing " I said getting the girls to agree with me. " you know I still don't get how we never sleep in a coma and the days pass without us even knowing it kinda sucks cause like I wanna keep track of time " said Jennifer " yeah I know right like since we are getting released 'tomorrow' we actually don't even know when tomorrow is" said kayla air quoting ' tomorrow '.
" I love how we never run out of things to say like that one time I started talking about carrots and you guys didn't refuse to add on to it" I said out of no where "yeah" said Kayla chuckling at the end "wait " yelled jennifer making us snap our heads in her direction "yeah?" it was more of a question, " well.......... ok so y'all know how we can't keep track of time and all right well marilyn" started Jennifer " what? why did you say my name?" I asked " well.... The reason why I said your name marilyn is because remember when you told us your getting........ Memory loss" finished jenn
" guys apparently I will get memory loss " I said worriedly, their faces all changed from happy to sad.
Kayla's face brightened up " it's okay we still have a lot of time like 492 days or so " Kayla reassured me "yeah" agreed Jennifer " yeah your right okay fine "
~~~~~~~~~~END OF FLASHBACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
All of our faces went blank but jennifer, she had fear, sadness and worry written all over her face 
" it's okay it's not a big deal don't get so scared about it " I reassured her " no it's not that just LOOK YOUR FADING " she Screamed the last part pointing to my body.
We were all screaming in horror when *BAM* they were gone and I was in blackness.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Harry's  POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Life's been great though the fans have been crazzzy 
" mate have you packed yet? We're leaving tomorrow" my best mate Louis asked " uuhhhh....... Yeah I'm starting right now" I replied getting a suitcase out of my closet " I asked if you were done not if you were gonna start" said louis adding a snort at the end while walking away to his room.
We are leaving for break, right now we are in America and we will be going to England Cheshire, yup where my hometown is. I bought a flat ( house or atleast I think?) near my old neighborhood, so the boys and I can spend some time together.
I finished packing and it's already night.
I decided to get some rest since we have an early flight tomorrow.
~~~~~~~~~~~~Marilyns   POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
My eyes fluttered open to a blurry vision of a hand waving infront of my face " hello hey Marilyn wake up" 
Where have I heard that name oh yeah Marilyn Taylor Juster.... that's me I'm Marilyn Taylor Juster.
I shot up in a sitting position to a better vision and 3 girls 2 girls in some everyday clothes with blonde hair and 1 girl wearing a nurse costume...... Maybe she's a nurse and 1 man in a docter suit which I'm guessing is  a docter.
" who are you girls in everyday clothes " I asked the blonde girls. " umm I'm Jennifer Reese " said one of the blondes " and I'm Kayla LeRay. Remember" asked the other.
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