I Will See You Again ( One Direction fanfic )

What happens when Marilyn Juster gets separated by her true love Harry styles because of a plane crash on Marilyn's birthday? Marilyn loses her memory but finds 2 new friends. They get welcomed to the music and dance industry forming a band named JKM. But what happens when she bumps into the people from her past? Will she remember them? Or will she not? Will she get In a love square? Or does there life depend on a heart warming gift Marilyn got for her birthday? Read to find out!

A/N this may sound similar to another book but read the first chapter and you'll find out why!!



Okay so this book may sound similar to another book and it is the book that I am supposinly copying was written by me! I forgot my email and password so I couldn't log in and I saved all of my book chapters so I decided to put all the books on this account and I will be updating and restarting the other books on this account! Just wanted to let you know cause I don't want to be called copycatter because of books that I wrote myself!
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