War of the Posses

I've moved to a new country, a new school, a new life.
What I didn't know is that I would change the way my new high school ran.
Posses, we don't need them.


1. Being Casual

My spoon clanks against the cereal bowl whilst I attack my bedhead with a brush with my other hand.

"Don't, you'll get hair in your breakfast." Drawls mum from behind her lady mag and cloud of perfume.

I slam the comb down in frustration.


I try to wolf my cereals down as quickly as possible, spilling milk down my pyjamas in the process.

"For fu--" Mother raises an eyebrow and lowers her magazine.

"Sweet jesus." She brings the magazine back in front of her face.


Seems pretty normal, this morning, doesn't it? Well, it's not. It's my first day at an American high school and I'm getting a little cranky, thanks to pure nervousness. Mum/mom doesn't care of course, to her it's just a normal day but on a different planet to her, there's me and I'm freaking out to be honest.

In my room, I throw the doors to my wardrobe open and flick through my limited line of clothing. I'll stick with the usual, I need everyone to know what I usually dress like.

I've seen these kind of schools on television and from different points of views, it doesn't look very pretty.

Black converses, black skinny jeans, outlined eyes with black eyeliner, I tease my black hair and an Escape The Fate tee. This will have to do for today, if I mess out I might be late, not that it REALLY matters, I could always make an excuse, but then again, I don't really want to stand out too much when I walk into first period.

I grab all my brand new textbooks that were on the list and the timetable that came in the letterbox-- I mean, mailbox- and shove them all into my Falling In Reverse messenger bag. I grab my snakebites from my new bedside table and fumble around with them until they fit in the holes below my bottom lip.

I know, I know, by this point you probably figured I'm a BIT of what you may call an emo, but I really don't believe in these pointless posses and whatnot.


I lower my head a little as I try to casually walk through the parting the crowd has seemed to make for me. At first I wonder why, but then I realise it's because everyone is staring at me.

So much for casual.

I notice that most of the crowd are in groups, girls on their cellphones, obvious jocks seatbelting some weedy boy, and obviously, as I expected, cheerleaders, not in their uniforms yet, their eyes inspecting me carefully and then smirking to each other. Fantastic. It's just a guess, but I'd be willing to bet that basically everyone have already guessed I'm new to this school.

Shit! I forgot about my accent.

Well that's really gonna add to my effect on people.


Just before the doors to the school, a small group of boys are talking enthusiastically about something. If I was a judgemental person that believed in posses, they'd probably be classed as 'nerds' to me.

I sail up the concrete steps and stand at the opposite side of the doors to them and try to look as normal as possible. One of the boys is gawping at me.
"Nath, you in there?" One of the boys waves his hand in front of the staring boys eyes.

"Huh?" He looks at the other boy distractedly, his eyes flicking back to me.

I look away, embarrassed.

The other boy turns around and sees me and his eyes widen.


Before I can say anything, someone taps me on the shoulder. I turn to look into the bright blue eyes, outlined with 'guyliner', of a boy with a long black fringe over his right eye.

"Hi." He says.

I clear my throat and strain myself to speak like an American.

"Hey," I whisper.

"Don't be flattered, I'm supposed to show you around."

"Oh, well you're nice!" I huff, the accent slipping into my sentence again.

"Hey, I was kidding! Chill, babe."

A moment of silence passes before he says, "Anyway, I've been asked to show you around, I'm Max, Max Green."
"Hi Max, I'm Rachel..."
"What do you have for first period?"
"Um..." I fumble in my bag for my timetable.

"History with Mr Windsor."
"Sweet, me too, I'll show you the way."

"I thought that was your job anyway, Max,"

He grins.

"Yeah, I guess it is. I can tell we're going to get along."

"Oh, how sweet," A voice behind me says.
"Emo love."
I turn to see a tall, tanned girl with bleach blonde hair and expensive-looking clothing, exactly like a barbie, with two girls behind her, one either side.

"Piss off, Amanda, don't you have a toilet to go and hurl into?"
"I'm sorry Max, at least I don't poison my ears with fucking metalcore or whatever."

"Metalcore is better than your shitty mainstream stuff."

"I don't even know why I'm bothering with you, you bore me, because you're an emo fag. See ya."

She stalks off with her cronies flicking their hair behind her.

"That was a delightful conversation," I say awkwardly.

"Ignore Amanda, she's a slutty bitch." He grumbles.

I try to look at anything, anywhere but his eyes and end up staring at his shirt.
"Hey! You like Falling In Reverse?" I notice the logo on his shirt instantly.

"Yeah! Ronnie Radke is my idol."
"You have the same name of the bass player in Escape the Fate, Max Green, I love him so much!"
"I love Escape the Fate!"
"Oh My Gosh!"

"Ahem." I turn around to see the nerdy boy that was gawping at me earlier.
"I thought I'd introduce myself, my name is--" His voice is cut off by the shrill tone of the school bell and then the buzz of excited and chatty voices.

I get shoved forward and I grasp something, which happens to be Max's arm. Blushing badly, I drop my arms to my side as I get jostled and shoved and pulled away from the nerd, which I think was called Nath.

"History here," Max guides me into a small classroom and in that moment I know he will be the one that helps me survive this first day.



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