Everything (A Sonic Fanfic)

After his latest defeat at the hands of Sonic, the evil Dr. Eggman sets his newest plan into motion - one that involves a girl from the distant past. When Kay wakes up and learns of her role in his newest scheme, she bravely defies him. Luckliy, Sonic comes to her rescue...but what would he say if he found out who she was?
NOTE: This story has gradually made its way up to #2 in Sonic Fanfiction on Wattpad. It has 6,000+ reads.


21. Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty


It was nearing sunset on Angel Island. A cool breeze drifted across the land as Kay set foot in the soft grass on the other side of the warp ring. Valdez appeared at her side with a silent smile, still taking the time to really observe her. Kay wasn’t sure she liked all of this sudden attention. Espio stepped through right behind her, exchanged bows with Valdez, and then stood aside for Vector to set foot on the island. The warp ring closed behind them, and for a long moment the four of them just stood there in silence.

Finally Valdez moved and started walking, motioning for them to follow. The blue chameleon made eye contact with Espio. A silent message seemed to pass between them because the next thing Kay knew the two of them were walking ahead of herself and Vector, conversing quietly. Kay was still able to hear them in her head, however. She felt like she was intruding on private business, but she couldn’t control what she was able to hear, so she decided to listen.

“Tell me: why have you been unable to contact the Guardian?” Valdez asked Espio seriously. Espio folded his hands behind his back in a business-like gesture.

“Unknown. Nicole says she keeps picking up interference. She has been working to contact him at all hours whether we are available to receive him or not.”

“That’s odd. You had no interference when contacting me, correct?”

“Very little,” Espio confirmed. There was a slight pause.

“Do you have a theory?” Valdez asked.

Though his back was turned to her, Kay could see the hesitation in Espio’s eyes as he considered how to respond. Finally he settled with: “I don’t know.”

Kay tuned out then, though she didn’t know how. If it was possible for her to control what she heard she wanted to learn. Having voices in her head at all hours of the day – especially when she was trying to sleep – would eventually get really annoying.

After a few more minutes of walking the isle that was home to the Master Emerald came into view. The Emerald sat atop its altar with pride, glowing bright against the darkening sky. There was a bridge connecting the main island from the smaller one that hosted the Emerald. Kay tried not to look down as she walked across the bridge; there was nothing but empty air below. Finally the small group stood at the base of the altar, with Kay directly in front of the stairs.

“Well…” Valdez said at last, gesturing for her to go ahead, “the Emerald awaits.”

Kay took a moment to gather her thoughts and turn to Espio. He stood closer to her than the other two but was still far enough back to indicate that this was Kay’s show now. He nodded once to her. Kay then made eye contact with Vector, who stood directly behind the chameleon with his arms crossed. He nodded to her as well. So, with a deep breath and a final look at her friends, Kay began to ascend.

She climbed the steps slowly, still trying to gather her thoughts. She remembered the first time she had been up here with the Emerald and wondered if it would show her anything this time. At length she came to stand directly in front of the giant gem. She stared at it for a few moments, observing its pulsing glow. Then she sighed.

Now or never, she thought, and moved closer to press her hand against it. At first nothing happened. Then suddenly the area under her hand morphed from green to white, making her jump back in surprise. The new color spread rapidly, and soon the entire Emerald was white. Next it flared; shining so bright it nearly blinded her. When she was able to open her eyes fully again, Kay witnessed what the Emerald had to illustrate.

She saw Albion – the ancient home of the echidna race – completely destroyed and in ruins. The Death Egg was floating in the air above the demolished city. Next she saw the Chaotix leaving New Mobotropolis and meeting up with the Mercian Freedom Fighters in search of their missing teammates. Kay saw the Freedom Fighters rejoin into one large team once again. She caught a glimpse of Elias fighting Naugus for the throne. Finally, she observed the true king’s re-coronation. Kay watched the entire future of Mobius flash before her eyes – a future that would have been had she not arrived to alter the flow of history.

Just then the images within the Emerald changed, and suddenly Kay was witnessing her own personal future on Mobius…her future as the Emerald’s Chosen. As the scenes flew by and Kay caught brief glances of characters she would meet soon, she felt her heartbeat pick up the pace. How was she ever going to do all of that?

With one final image the Master Emerald let out a burst of energy, knocking Kay off her feet as it returned to its normal pulsing green color. Her mind was still trying to catch up with everything she’d seen when she heard a voice that literally sounded like the wind whisper the words Emerald’s Chosen. Kay looked back up at the Master Emerald and slowly got to her feet. She stared at the magical gem for another minute or so before finally turning her back to it and traveling back down the steps towards her friends.

Even once she had set foot on the ground once more they said nothing. They simply watched her, waiting for her next move, hardly breathing. At last Kay was able to comprehend at least some of what the Emerald had shown her, and she turned her gaze to Espio. Instantly her head began filling up with information about the chameleon – everything from his birth to his life story to this very moment here on Angel Island. His eyes widened and he stepped back with a gasp. Kay trained her eyes on Vector next, and information began overwhelming her a second time. His reaction was the same as Espio’s. What’s going on? she wondered. She rotated her head around to look at Valdez, who didn’t move but seemed to tense somewhat, taking in a deep breath. Even though she had known very little about Espio’s mentor before this second encounter, she suddenly knew his entire life story as well.

Why are they acting like that? Do they know that I know everything about them now? No, that can’t be it. Maybe I look different? I sure feel different. All of these thoughts whizzed through Kay’s mind in the few moments of silence that remained.

Finally she heard Espio’s quiet voice. “Kay.”

Thank you for saying something, she thought as she looked at him once more. He just stood there like a statue, staring at her in awe. Is this how he’s always going to act around me? Kay wondered. She hoped not. The silence was starting to gnaw at her and she was just about to say something – anything – to break it when Espio moved, slowly advancing towards her. He stopped about two yards away, as if he were still wary about coming any closer.

“You’re the Emerald’s Chosen,” he said.

“I know,” Kay replied. She turned her gaze on the sun, which was glowing bright pink as it dipped below the ocean in the distance. “I know everything.”

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