Everything (A Sonic Fanfic)

After his latest defeat at the hands of Sonic, the evil Dr. Eggman sets his newest plan into motion - one that involves a girl from the distant past. When Kay wakes up and learns of her role in his newest scheme, she bravely defies him. Luckliy, Sonic comes to her rescue...but what would he say if he found out who she was?
NOTE: This story has gradually made its way up to #2 in Sonic Fanfiction on Wattpad. It has 6,000+ reads.


17. Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen


Kay stood alone in the darkness, the silence deafening. It didn’t matter whether her eyes were open – she would be unable to see past the black shadows. She turned around, searching for any sign of light. She was greeted only with empty space.

And then she heard a noise. It was unfamiliar yet familiar at the same time…she’d never heard it but she knew what it meant. She knew where it was from. What its sounds supposedly did to unsuspecting and innocent people.

She turned once more…and came face to face with the Tails Doll. Its red eyes glowed at her from the shadows. Kay was frozen to the spot, her mind gone numb. Then suddenly the Doll opened his mouth and roared, revealing a sharp set of teeth that lunged right for her…

Kay jolted awake and screamed, sitting upright in bed. The sunlight streaming through the window was blinding compared to the darkness of her dream. As she sat there catching her breath and trying to convince herself there was nothing to be afraid of, it happened. She heard a voice in her head, echoing as it spoke.

“The creepiness factor and scariness of it started as an internet meme among fans. When you hear the ‘schlurpy,’ beware!”

Kay shook her head and held it with both her hands. What’s going on? Why am I hearing this? It’s not even my voice! She yanked the covers off of the bed and opened the door to her temporary bedroom. Just as she was closing it behind her she heard fast approaching footsteps and rotated to see Espio scurrying down the stairs, a gleaming knife in his hands.

He stopped short when he saw Kay. “Are you all right? I heard you scream.”

“Oh, that…” Kay tried to pull herself together. “It was just a nightmare.”

“Nightmare? What about?” Espio asked as he sheathed his knife within the pads on his arms.

Kay remembered the Tails Doll’s eerie stare and shuddered. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“If you wish. Vector and I were just about to visit the city. Would you like to join us?”

“Sure.” Kay then recalled Espio storming out of the room following the crocodile’s teasing last night and asked, “Did you guys make up?”

“Yes.” Espio offered no other explanation.

After a moment Kay nodded once. “Good.”

She followed Espio’s lead back up the stairs and into the hallway of the upper level, where Vector stood waiting for them. He grinned at Kay, and the three of them left the HQ without any further conversation.


The gloom of the Death Egg appeared out of nowhere, and when its shadow passed over the trio they all stared into the sky.

“Oh, great,” Vector muttered. He glanced at his friends. “Looks like Team Freedom will need me. See you guys.” Then he raced off.

Already people were beginning to scatter, yelling in a panic as the shadow glided across the city. Espio grabbed Kay’s arm. “Come on. We’ve got to get you to safety.”

“He’s not after me,” Kay replied, resisting him as he tried to tug her away.

“That’s what you said the last time,” Espio reminded her, pulling again. She still wouldn’t budge. “How would you know that, anyway?”

“I—” Kay didn’t need to worry about finding a reply, because suddenly she heard Eggman’s voice. Only it wasn’t broadcasting to the city. His voice was speaking in her head.

“Ahh…I love it when a plan comes together!” he chuckled. Kay could clearly see him leaning back comfortably in the captain’s chair on the bridge of the Death Egg, grinning from ear to ear…or, more accurately, from one end of his mustache to the other. Kay shook her head. Why was she able to see what was happening inside the Egg? The doctor continued, “Sonic is busy fighting in some backwater village, leaving his precious home town open to attack. Let the cakewalk of an invasion begin!”

Kay shook her head, attempting to bring herself back down to earth…literally. Espio put a hand on her shoulder and tried to look into her eyes. “Kay, are you all right? What’s wrong?”

“I…” Kay stammered. How can I explain this? She decided to settle with, “I’m not sure…”

“Come on, let’s get inside before Eggman spots you.” Espio tried to get her to the cover of a nearby building, but Kay refused to budge once more.

“He’s not here for me. I’m sure this time,” she told him. He stared at her.


A loud thunk echoed throughout the city, and when Kay looked up she saw that the bottom of the Death Egg had hit the forcefield protecting the city. In her mind, inside the Death Egg, Eggman was nearly thrown from his seat by the impact. Kay laughed out loud.

“What’s so funny? Are you sure you’re okay?” Espio asked. Kay nodded.


Then she heard the voice of Orbot, Eggman’s loyal robot slave, speaking in her mind. “Tails Doll reports that it’s moving into position, boss.” Kay saw the doll from her nightmare floating towards the city’s generator and gasped, warping her back to her spot beside a very confused chameleon.

“Espio,” she said, turning to him, “the Tails Doll is about to shut off the--!” Behind her, four Egg Pods dropped to the ground and opened with a hiss. “…force field…”

Espio grabbed Kay by the shoulders and forced her to face him. He stared hard into her eyes. “Kay, how did you know that?

“I…uh…I saw it happen in my head,” Kay mumbled, shifting her gaze from him. He blinked.

“Okay, whatever Eggman did to you has got to be fixed,” he said. He took her hand and pulled, hard. This time Kay followed his lead and stared for the relative safety of the hospital, which was nearby.

He doesn’t believe me, Kay thought with a frown. Oh, well. I hardly believe it myself.

As they ran for cover, Kay envisioned the former king, Elias Acorn, dropping into the city from the outside with two girls, wolf twins. When she turned her head a second later, she saw it happen for real. Her heart fluttered. King Elias is back. The Secret Freedom Fighters are about to have their first battle.

Once inside the large building, which was now shelter to several frightened Mobians, Kay raced to the closest window she could find and peered out. She saw Eggman’s forces tear up the ground and fire at the people, all while Team Freedom fought to protect the citizens.

She watched as the Secret Freedom Fighters hid in the shadows and lent their aid. She saw the confused reactions of the Royal Military and Team Freedom as their opponents fell at their feet.

Finally, she heard Eggman’s irritated voice in her mind. “Signal the retreat. Call back what Egg Pods we can, and get us out of here!” Then, a moment later, “Congratulations, Team Freedom. You’ve earned my attention and my hate. You’ll be dealt with…later. For now, I’ve got to throw Team Fighters off my tail!”

Then…silence. Kay could hear nothing more.

Until Espio spoke. “Kay…” she turned to him. “You…you really saw the future?”

Kay saw his unbelieving expression and almost denied it, but decided that she would eventually have to start telling her friends who she was and what she knew. So, with a nervous gulp, she nodded.

“Then we need to figure out how,” the chameleon told her.

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