Everything (A Sonic Fanfic)

After his latest defeat at the hands of Sonic, the evil Dr. Eggman sets his newest plan into motion - one that involves a girl from the distant past. When Kay wakes up and learns of her role in his newest scheme, she bravely defies him. Luckliy, Sonic comes to her rescue...but what would he say if he found out who she was?
NOTE: This story has gradually made its way up to #2 in Sonic Fanfiction on Wattpad. It has 6,000+ reads.


18. Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen


Nearly three days passed without incident. In her mind Kay witnessed the Secret Freedom Fighters investigating Naugus under the city where the castle once stood, but she didn’t speak of it to anyone. She simply watched in approval as Geoffrey St. John turned on his master, though he kept up the loyal persona so Naugus wouldn’t suspect anything. Secretly, Kay was rooting for Geoffrey.

Espio tried to contact Knuckles several times over the past few days, but the echidna was so busy he was unable to respond. Espio was growing more suspicious of Kay now, which hurt, but she supposed they couldn’t be too careful. It was odd to have visions of the future, after all.

Today Kay sat alone just outside of Freedom HQ, the grass whispering stories to her as she gazed at the city. Mina Mongoose was back in the city to perform a concert that evening, although no one had told her that. She’d known about it for the past few hours or so that Mina would be returning and that there would be an accident at the concert. She was also aware that a new member, Isabella Mongoose, had joined the Council and had moved to recall Nicole from exile. Naugus was not pleased with the motion, to say the least.

But there were larger issues on Kay’s mind right now. Her presence on Mobius, for instance. She wasn’t supposed to be here. All of these things were supposed to be happening without her standing on the sidelines. Kay worried that the smallest action would shift the timeline and create a whole new chain of events. She also wondered if she would receive – in advance – the answer to her biggest concern of all: would Elias reclaim the throne?

Of course he will, Kay thought to herself. There’s always a happy ending.

“Nice day, huh?” The voice startled her, and when she turned around she saw Vector looming over her. She nodded.

“Yeah. No Death Egg sighting, no bad guys coming after me…I’m rather enjoying it.”

Vector laughed. “I’d imagine so.” He plopped himself next to her in the grass. Over the past day or so he had spent a lot of time with Kay, mostly because he was bored and had nothing else to do, but after a while he began to find that she was a very interesting person to talk to. “Mina’s back in town for a concert.”

“I know,” Kay replied without thinking. She had decided that it was time for her to be more open with her friends; they deserved that much.

“The theme is supposed to be about love and forgiveness,” Vector continued, crossing his arms. “Apparently she and Nicole made up.”

“They did.” Kay had witnessed the act of forgiveness in her mind as it was occurring, presumably.

There was a pause in which the two friends simply enjoyed the beautiful afternoon. Then Vector spoke again. “You wanna go?”

“What?” Kay asked, turning to look at him as she snapped out of her trance.

“The concert. You wanna go with me?”

For a moment Kay didn’t answer. It may not be a good idea for her to go into the city – she might get into more trouble. On the other hand, she wanted to see the concert, so after a moment’s consideration she smiled at him. “Sure.”

“Cool. It won’t be a date or anything,” Vector added quickly. “We’ll just go as friends.”

“Good.” Kay didn’t think she could handle a date right now.

“Awesome.” Vector stood up and looked around awkwardly, seeming to search for words. “Uh…I guess I’ll see you later, then.”

Kay couldn’t help but grin at his stammering. “I’ll be here.”

Vector returned her smile and then turned to go, leaving Kay once more in the silence of the afternoon, the breeze whispering coming events in her ear.


The crowd was noisy, but it was a welcome distraction from the voices in Kay’s head. As Vector led her through the mass of Mobians towards the stage, she glanced around and observed the diversity of species present. She saw several hedgehogs, of course, plus a few ducks, pigs, chipmunks, and other basic animals. She even saw a monkey.

Then she heard someone say, “This better be the last thing for today, apprentice.” It was Naugus. Kay tried with all her might to block it out. Whatever he has to say, I don’t want to hear it. Her efforts were effective. She could no longer hear the evil wizard’s voice. After a minute or two, however, she could hear Mina’s.

“Good evening, everyone, and thanks for coming out!” the famous singer said into the microphone. The crowd went crazy cheering for her. “The last concert was supposed to be about empowerment, but the message got lost in a cloud of my own fears. I want to start by saying tonight’s theme is about love, understanding, and forgiveness.”

“I’m going to vomit,” Kay heard Naugus mutter. Then, a moment later, she heard Geoffrey: “Public image. Sit.”

Beside her, Vector smiled approvingly. “Now that’s the Mina we all know and love.”

Kay smiled in return and opened her mouth to say something, but before she had the chance she was plagued with the disturbing image of the Tails Doll, and she could hear the sound it made just before it… “Vector!” she cried in a panic.

At that exact moment the stage lit up in front of them. A bright blue light paralyzed Mina’s band and tossed her off to the side. In a flash Rotor was jumping up and giving orders, and Vector leapt forward to join his team in the rescue effort.

It all happened so fast that Kay barely had time to register what was going on before it was all over. The next thing she knew Mina was saying, “Let’s hear it for Team Freedom, saving the say again!” and the crowd was roaring its approval.

Out of the corner of her eye Kay noticed movement, and when she turned she saw Geoffrey St. John helping a limping Ixis Naugus out of the crowd towards the nearest building. Again Kay’s mind flashed to the future. She saw Geoffrey screaming and falling to the floor, shuddering uncontrollably, and suddenly it hit her: Naugus was going to us Geoff’s body as his vessel because his own body was dying.

Kay felt something tugging at her, demanding that she intervene, but she ignored it and paused to think. She was facing the Antoine situation all over again. She knew Geoff would be hurt and that she could save him, but was it the right thing? Shouldn’t she leave things alone to play out as they normally would as if she wasn’t there? Wouldn’t it be best to preserve the timeline? But then Geoffrey’s scream echoed in her head again, and she made up her mind. This time she was going to intervene, no matter what the outcome.

But I can’t just leave, she thought, turning around to look for Vector. After a few moments of searching for him without seeing his massive shape in the crowd, she remembered: that’s right. He’s on Team Freedom. He won’t know I’m gone until it’s too late. So, with that in mind, she took off after Geoffrey St. John.

“You betrayed my city with that stupid stunt you pulled underground! It’s a miracle you were stopped! You’re sick, you’re twisted, and you’re wrong!” she heard Geoff scream in her head. She quickened her pace. She was running out of time.

“Are you so naïve as to think they would offer us their trust? To offer redemption?” Naugus scoffed, glaring at his apprentice in disgust.

“How about asking for help? Just this once?” Geoff replied.

Kay hurried into the building and stopped short. Uh-oh. I have no idea where I’m going. I never studied the interior of the city buildings! She had to think fast if she was going to save Geoffrey.

Then she heard Naugus’ fateful words: “You swore your allegiance years ago! You will serve as my vessel!

NO!!!” Geoffrey cried. In her mind Kay could see he was struggling to get away from his master’s firm grip. “Let go of--!” Suddenly there was a scream so loud it shook the walls of the building. Kay didn’t need the voice in her head to hear it. Now she knew where they had gone, but it was too late.

Geoffrey!” she screamed, bolting down the nearest hallway and making a right into one of the rooms. There, lying on the floor, was Geoffrey St. John. Well…his body, anyway. His head lifted and turned until it was staring right at her. Kay took a step back. “Um…I was just leaving…” she stammered before she made a run for it.

Stupid, she criticized herself. Why did I think I could save him? If only I’d paid more attention to the interior of the—

Suddenly a strong hand wrapped around her wrist and stopped her in her tracks. She whirled around and found herself face-to-face with the creature that was now Naugus. He smiled kindly at her and said gently, “There’s nothing to be afraid of. Were you looking for me?”

“I was looking for Geoffrey,” she spat in reply.

He gave her a quizzical look, keeping his fake smile plastered to his face. “I am Geoffrey.”

“No you’re not, Naugus.”

The creature’s eyes flashed and he grabbed her shoulders, pulling her so close that their noses touched. Kay pulled back and averted her gaze from him. Geoffrey’s eyes were blue. If anything was a dead giveaway it was the red orbs that now replaced them.

“How can you see past my illusion? Are you a magician? A witch, perhaps?” Naugus demanded.


“Then how do you know I am Naugus and not Geoffrey?” There was a pause. When Kay didn’t answer right away Naugus yelled, “Answer me!”

Kay found the courage to glare at him. “I knew you would try to possess Geoffrey. I tried to save him and failed.”

“You knew?” The wizard sounded baffled. He lowered his gaze for a moment and appeared to be thinking hard. He mumbled to himself. “Could it be…?” He cut himself off abruptly and shook his head. “I don’t have time for this. I will question you later.”

With a mighty shove Naugus threw her back into the room. Instantly the chair his old body had been sitting in clamped restraints on her arms and legs. Then a cloth appeared literally out of nowhere and wrapped itself around her mouth, silencing her. She struggled a little though she knew it was pointless. Naugus in Geoff’s body grinned wickedly at her.

“Right now I have important political matters to attend to,” he said. In a flash he was gone, the door slamming behind him and leaving Kay alone.

She witnessed the future once again. In a short time from now Naugus would appear to the Council and claim that his “master” was dying and then ask for help. He would even go so far as to kneel before Nicole, who would soon be reprogrammed into the city’s system. The fake.

Her thoughts quickly drifted back to Geoffrey St. John, whose mind was who-knows-where. In case it was nearby Kay spoke to him in her mind: I’m sorry, Geoffrey. I just wasn’t fast enough.

With a sigh, she made herself as comfortable as possible with the restraints keeping her stationary and waited for Naugus to return.

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