Everything (A Sonic Fanfic)

After his latest defeat at the hands of Sonic, the evil Dr. Eggman sets his newest plan into motion - one that involves a girl from the distant past. When Kay wakes up and learns of her role in his newest scheme, she bravely defies him. Luckliy, Sonic comes to her rescue...but what would he say if he found out who she was?
NOTE: This story has gradually made its way up to #2 in Sonic Fanfiction on Wattpad. It has 6,000+ reads.


10. Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine


Kay woke to a clanging sound and growled into her pillow. Stupid little brothers, she thought to herself angrily. Then her eyes snapped open. My little brother isn’t here. I’m on Mobius. She sat up and looked at the pink room before her. So I wasn’t dreaming. I’m really here. I really met Sonic yesterday. She grinned and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Now this is the way to wake up.

Kay looked around for a mirror to fix her hair…er, quills. Amy had to have one somewhere. There! She went to it, already smoothing down her quills, expecting to find a disaster. But when she finally looked at herself, she was surprised to find that her quills weren’t messed up at all. They looked exactly the same as they had yesterday morning on Eggman’s space ship.

“Nice,” she muttered in approval, taking one last glance just to be sure before walking out into the living area of Freedom HQ. Espio was already up (surprise, surprise) and making breakfast for himself. He noticed her come out and nodded to her, clanging a plate on the counter. That was what I heard, Kay figured.

“Good morning, Kay,” Espio said to her. “Did you sleep well?”

She nodded in response. Just then her stomach growled loudly, announcing to the whole world that she was very hungry. Embarrassed, she blushed and mumbled, “Sorry. I never ate yesterday.”

“Not at all?” Espio asked. Kay shook her head. “Then I will fix that problem right now.” The chameleon slid the plate he’d just set down over to her. Kay noticed it had some oriental-looking food on it. Well, Espio is native to the Dragon Kingdom. It makes sense.

“Isn’t this your breakfast?” Kay asked him. He was already opening the miniature fridge once more.


“Espio—” she started to protest but was stopped by the chameleon holding up a hand.

“Kay, I ate yesterday. My situation is far less urgent.” He nodded to the plate. “Eat.”

Kay wanted to protest but decided it would be useless. Instead, she took the plate with a sigh and said, “Thanks.” She then did a double take and stared in awe as Espio balanced three different food items on one arm and set them all down on the counter without tipping them over. “How can you do that with one arm?”

Once he had finished setting the third item on the counter, he looked at her with a small smirk. “I have had similar injuries before. I’ve learned a few things.”

“I’ll say,” Kay agreed, impressed.

“Hey, she’s back!” a booming voice exclaimed. Kay turned around to see Vector walking towards her, flashing his teeth in a huge smile. “How the heck are you? Eggman treat you good?”

His grin was infectious, and she smiled back, replying, “So good I had to jump out of the carrier and onto Angel Island.”

The crocodile stared at her. “Whoa! You made a crazy jump like that? I’m surprised you’re not all bruised up!”

Kay noticed the purple splotch on Vector’s stomach (no doubt from when Eggman punched him repeatedly the day before) and said, “Looks like you’ve seen better days.”

“Meh.” He shrugged. “It only hurts when I laugh.” Kay gave him a sad smile.

“Vector, please,” Espio scolded, pulling out a knife to cut a green vegetable. “Allow her to eat.”

Vector raised an eyebrow at him. “Need a hand there, Espio?”

“I appreciate the offer, but no.” Espio began cutting the vegetable skillfully with one hand. “I can handle this myself.”

“If you say so.”

Kay had just taken her first few bites when she heard someone scurrying down the stairs from the upper level. She focused her attention on the last few steps just in time to see Knuckles appear, panting. “Guys, Elias is leaving.”

Kay almost choked on her food. “What?”

“Huh?” Vector said at the same time. “He can’t leave now! The people need him.”

Knuckles shrugged. “His mind is made up. If you want to say goodbye you’d better hurry.”

Food now forgotten, Kay set the plate on the counter behind her and bolted for the staircase.

“Kay, what about your breakfast?” Espio called after her.

“It’ll be there when I get back,” Kay replied over her shoulder, already brushing past Knuckles and rushing up the stairs.

Elias is still here? She was thinking to herself. Then the vision the Master Emerald showed me…that’s the future! The Secret Freedom Fighters haven’t even formed yet!


Now almost completely out of breath, Kay came to a stop at the edge of the crowds that had gathered to see their former king off. Just between the ears of a pig she could make him out. He had red-brown hair that shone in the sunlight and light brown fur. He wore civilian clothes now, having been stripped of his title. Sonic was walking with him towards a vehicle that waited to take them away. Kay moved closer to hear what they were saying.

“C’mon, Noggy only stole your legacy and kingdom from you.” Sonic coughed. “You can still live here.”

“No, we can’t,” Elias replied. His voice was deep and full of authority, but kind, just as Kay had imagined it. “My presence will further destabilize the morale of the weary citizens.” He leaned in closer and lowered his voice. “And, well, this is Naugus we’re talking about. With the Death Egg out there, you don’t need further trouble at home.”

“I know, I know. I understand what you’re doing. I just wish you’d stick around,” Sonic muttered. Elias nodded and turned to get into the vehicle with his wife and daughter but stopped and looked in Kay’s direction. It took her a moment to realize he was looking at her.

Surprised and with her heart pounding, she tried to act like one of the citizens by bowing her head solemnly to him. You’re still the king in my eyes, she thought as she raised her head again. Elias’s eyes saddened, and for a moment Kay thought he’d read her mind. But then he simply nodded to her and climbed into the vehicle.

Sonic pulled back his glove to reveal a communicator on his wrist. “This is Sonic to the Tornado. You read me?”

“Loud and clear!” Came the reply. Kay thought the voice sounded like Tails.

“Then let’s do it to it!” Sonic said.

Kay noticed that Antoine and Bunnie D’Coolette had appeared behind the blue hedgehog, each with a hover-board tucked under their arm.

Antoine, Kay realized. Images flashed in her mind, ones she’d seen in her comics back home. Antoine was going to pull Metal Sonic away from Elias. It was going to blow up in his face and critically injure him. Everything was coming back to her now, hard and fast, and she thought, I can save him.

The gang was getting ready for departure, with Elias starting up the engine and the D’Coolettes getting on their hover-boards.

Now’s my chance, she thought. I can stop him, warn him not to get too close to Metal Sonic…Kay paused. But if he doesn’t go out there, Elias and his family will be killed. And Antoine doesn’t die, so…With a sigh, Kay turned her back and began walking away.

Knuckles caught up to her a few seconds later and remarked, “You were really anxious to see him off.”

She knew he meant Elias and she blushed, unwilling to admit that she’d always wanted to see him in person. She would sound like some crazed fangirl. She stammered, “Oh, uh…I just…yeah.”

Knuckles chuckled. “Big fan of his?”

Before she could stop herself, Kay looked right at him and said firmly, “No one else should be wearing that crown.” Knuckles looked surprised at her reply, and for a few moments neither of them said a word. Finally, Kay turned away from him and sighed.

“I agree,” Knuckles said softly. He opened his mouth to say more, but at that moment, the sunshine completely vanished all over the city. “What the…?” He and Kay both turned around and looked up to see that the Death Egg had appeared outside the city, blocking the sun. Knuckles’ eyes snapped open and he grabbed Kay’s wrist, dragging her along with him as he exclaimed, “Jeez! Let’s get you back to Freedom HQ.”

“Wait,” Kay said, pulling against him and forcing him to stop. She looked back up at the Death Egg and said slowly, “He’s not after me…he’s after Elias!”

“Good thing Sonic took a team to escort him. They’ll make sure he gets away safely.”

You have no idea, Kay thought, a pang of guilt overwhelming her as she thought of what she could have done that she hadn’t. She began to head back to Freedom HQ once more but was stopped almost instantly by the sound of a large explosion in the distance. She whirled around.

“Elias!” Knuckles shouted as smoke began to rise in the distance.

“He’s all right,” Kay said quietly. Knuckles looked at her.

“How do you know?” he asked.

Kay looked at him, her heart pounding in her chest. Should she tell him? What would he say if she told him she knew Antoine would be hurt? No, she decided, now is not the time. “I…” she started, searching for words. I knew this would happen came up in her mind, but she pushed it away and instead told him, “I meant, I hope he’s all right.” Kay looked out at the smoke and felt her heart ache, knowing that at this moment Bunnie was probably in hysterics, thinking that her husband was dead even though he wasn’t.

“I’m going to scope it out,” Knuckles told her, already beginning to jog away. “In the meantime, get back to HQ just in case Eggman changes his mind.” Then he was nothing more than a red dot advancing towards the scene of the crime.

Kay gazed out at the black smoke and saw that the Death Egg was leaving. It wasn’t coming towards her position, though, so she didn’t run. All she could do was stare, thinking about what was happening out there right now. Sonic was telling Bunnie that Antoine was still breathing, that he could get him to the hospital in time. Bunnie and Amy were holding each other and bawling, crying, “Save him, Sonic! Save him!”

I could have saved him, Kay thought sadly. But if I had, the king would have died…

Unsure what to think of her first action in the influence of history on Mobius, Kay turned and began to walk back to HQ.

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