Everything (A Sonic Fanfic)

After his latest defeat at the hands of Sonic, the evil Dr. Eggman sets his newest plan into motion - one that involves a girl from the distant past. When Kay wakes up and learns of her role in his newest scheme, she bravely defies him. Luckliy, Sonic comes to her rescue...but what would he say if he found out who she was?
NOTE: This story has gradually made its way up to #2 in Sonic Fanfiction on Wattpad. It has 6,000+ reads.


15. Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen


Sonic came to a sudden halt, making Kay’s head spin for a moment. “Home sweet home!” he announced as he set her down. Kay turned her back to him and walked a few steps away, concern beginning to plague her. When she didn’t say anything for a few moments Sonic asked, “Are you okay? They didn’t hurt you, did they?”

“No, Sonic, I’m fine,” Kay replied quickly so he wouldn’t get too worked up. “It’s just…” She sighed. “Do you really think I should be back here?”

“What do you mean?” Sonic asked. Kay looked at him.

“Eggman has kidnapped me three times in two days. He’s going to come after me again and not only will he know where to look, but I’ll be putting you and everyone else in danger.” Kay paused to reflect on the tragedies that had taken place here one after the other and shook her head. “I don’t want to do that.”

“And if you go out there no one will know whether you’ve been taken or if you need help,” Sonic protested. He put a hand on her shoulder. “Come on, Kay. It’s no worse than our day-to-day life.”

She sighed again. “I don’t know, Sonic. I just don’t want anyone to get hurt because of me.”

“From what I hear it’s already too late for that.”

Kay remembered Espio’s dislocated shoulder and started again. “I mean—”

“I know what you mean, Kay, but it’s no use.” Sonic held up a hand. “You’ve already become the target of two of the world’s villains and at this rate it will be every villain by the end of the week. If any one of them get what they want who knows what will happen?”

Sonic had a point, Kay realized. News of her knowledge was quickly spreading all over Mobius, and it was a whole lot easier to fight off one or two villains than every single one of them. The truth was she was much safer here at HQ or in the city than she would be if she went off on her own. Not that she wanted to, mind you. She still didn’t have a clue about Mobian geography.

Finally Kay nodded. “You’re right.”

“Hey, cheer up.” Sonic saw the sad look on her face and gave her a playful nudge. “You’ve got the fastest thing alive on your side.” The way he was smiling at her made it impossible for Kay not to laugh. Sonic grinned. “I’ve got to meet back up with Amy and Tails. We’re off to the Wolf Pack Nation.” It was then that everything clicked for her. He hadn’t left for the Nation yet, which was why he had been able to come after her. “See you later, Kay,” Sonic said with a wave. Then he was gone, leaving a blast of wind behind.

As Kay watched him go, she thought some more. She knew he was right about the world’s villains coming after her, but she still didn’t want to put anyone in danger. Although she’d be safer here, she was more concerned about keeping what was left of the Freedom Fighters alive than anything. Uncertain about her decision, she turned and walked into the upper level of HQ once more.

Just then she remembered her capture a few hours before and how Espio had tossed her a small silver disc. She reached into her pocket and pulled it out, looking at it for a second. Then she opened the door to the lab and, as expected, saw the chameleon sitting there, typing away at the main computer.

“Hey, Espio,” she called. He looked over his shoulder as though he thought she was Amy or someone else. But when he saw it was her, his eyes went wide. “Catch,” Kay said as she tossed him the disc. She saw him open his mouth to say something and then scramble to catch the item just before she stepped back out into the main hall.

Kay tried not to laugh at the dumbfounded look on Espio’s face just then as she started towards the staircase that lead to the living area of HQ. Behind her the door to the lab opened and a startled voice cried, “Wait!” Kay stopped and waited for Espio to dart around in front of her. He stared.

“How did you get back here so fast? I didn’t even have time to track you!” he exclaimed.

“Sonic stopped by and gave me a ride back. Sorry he beat you to it.”

“No, that’s fine, but…” Espio took in a deep breath and began looking her over. “Are you okay? Where did Eggman take you? I saw a shuttle leave.”

“He had an escort take me to the Casino Night Zone.”

“The Casino Night Zone…” Espio mumbled, thinking. Then he said, “That’s on the other side of the world.”

Kay’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “Just a quick jog for Sonic, apparently.”

“Yeah. What was he doing all the way over there, anyway? I thought he was in the city.”

“So did I,” Kay admitted.

Espio frowned. “Hmm…”

Just then the outside door to HQ opened and the large figure of Vector stepped over the threshold. He shut the door behind him and began walking towards the staircase. When he looked up and saw Kay standing there with Espio, he let out a surprised yell and staggered back. “Holy crabmeat! I thought you left just a few hours ago!”

“I did,” Kay replied.

“And you’re already back?” Vector took a moment to really look at her, seeming impressed. “Girl, you got skill.”

“I also have a friend named Sonic.”

Vector blinked. “Oh.” Then he scoffed, crossing his arms. “Show-off.”

“Vector, I thought you were going to see Rotor about joining Team Freedom,” Espio said. Kay looked at the huge crocodile as he nodded.

“I did. It’s not like there was a huge line or anything.”


Vector shrugged. “I’m in. Just until the Freedom Fighters rejoin, though. I’ve still got a detective agency to run.”

Kay instantly remembered that shortly after Silver’s arrival, Sonic had announced that the Freedom Fighters were falling apart. It was at that point that they split up and formed two different teams – Team Freedom and Team Fighters. Team Freedom was in charge of taking care of things at home and was open to anyone who wanted to serve. Team Fighters was made up of experienced Freedom Fighters to handle things outside of the city limits. She couldn’t recall Vector’s joining, however.

Then it hit her. She hurried back down the hall and opened the outside door, looking into the sky. The clouds were orange and the stars were beginning to show. It was sunset. Kay’s heart started pounding as she realized what was about to happen in the city. She started jogging towards it, the two Chaotix now forgotten inside.

“Whoa, where are you going?” Vector called after her, coming to the doorway.

“There’s something I have to see,” Kay replied over her shoulder.

“Shouldn’t one of us go with you?” Espio asked. Kay stopped jogging and gave him an annoyed look.

“Please. I don’t need a chaperone. Besides, if Eggman does come after me I again I don’t want either of you to get hurt.”

“But—” Espio started to protest.

“I’ll be okay,” Kay said, cutting him off. “Trust me.” Then she started jogging again, her heart thudding in her chest and a cold sweat beginning to form on her brow.

I’ve got to see this for myself, Kay thought as she ran. I’m sure the comics sugarcoated it just a little.

She was going to see the Tails Doll.

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