Everything (A Sonic Fanfic)

After his latest defeat at the hands of Sonic, the evil Dr. Eggman sets his newest plan into motion - one that involves a girl from the distant past. When Kay wakes up and learns of her role in his newest scheme, she bravely defies him. Luckliy, Sonic comes to her rescue...but what would he say if he found out who she was?
NOTE: This story has gradually made its way up to #2 in Sonic Fanfiction on Wattpad. It has 6,000+ reads.


19. Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen


Vector was looking for her. She could see him in her mind, walking all over the Coliseum, calling her name. If he didn’t find her soon he would panic, she knew, and think she had been captured by Eggman again. Little did her friend know that her newest enemy was right there within the city and was returning to her even now.

Minutes later, Naugus in Geoffrey’s body entered, laughing wickedly. “The fools bought it. They really believe I’m Geoffrey St. John!” Then his cold gaze turned to her and he frowned. “You, however, do not.” He closed the door behind him and advanced slowly towards her, seeming to observe everything he could before reaching her. When he was directly in front of her he snapped, and the cloth across her mouth vanished. He leaned in close to her. “How did you know I would use Geoffrey as my vessel?”

Kay just looked into his unnatural red eyes and glared with silent resistance.

“Answer me!” Naugus boomed, making her jump. Once she’d calmed her pounding heart somewhat she spoke.

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t lie to me, girl,” Naugus warned, narrowing his eyes at her.

“I’m not lying.”

The wizard fixed his gaze on her and stared into her eyes, seeming to determine whether she really was telling the truth. He must have decided she was, because next he gave her a sly grin and said, “Tell me…do you know of the Albion prophecies?”

Kay frowned, unsure where he was taking the conversation. “I don’t know much about anything concerning Albion.”

“I see.” Naugus seemed amused. “So the name Emerald’s Chosen holds no meaning for you.”

Something inside Kay reacted strongly to the name, which surprised her, because she’d never heard it before now. Her heart began to beat a little faster. She looked at the wizard carefully and asked slowly, “What’s Emerald’s Chosen?”

“There is an ancient Albion prophecy,” Naugus told her, “that tells of a coming time when Mobius will be threatened. The Master Emerald, sensing the coming tragedy, will choose one single Mobian and give them incredible knowledge and the gift of foresight. This Mobian – the Emerald’s Chosen – will then rise up to defend and rescue the planet from total destruction.”

Kay paused to absorb this new information before replying, “And you think I’m it? You think I’m the Emerald’s Chosen?”

“How else could you have known that I would take over my apprentice’s body?” Naugus challenged, throwing his arms out to the side in exasperation.

Kay tore her eyes from his, trying to think clearly. The images in her head weren’t helping; now she was seeing Vector running into HQ and rallying the rest of the Chaotix, a worried look on his face.

Naugus spoke again. “Have you come into contact with the Emerald in your lifetime?”

Kay remembered her strange encounter with the gem after landing on Angel Island. “Yes.”

“Was your experience out of the ordinary?”

“I’m told the Emerald reacted very strongly to me. I had a vision,” Kay replied. Then she caught herself. What am I doing? Why am I telling him all of this? He’s the bad guy!

“You are not echidna,” Naugus said. It wasn’t a question.

Kay looked at him. “I’m a hedgehog.”

“The Emerald only speaks to echidnas. You must be the Chosen!” Naugus declared.

“But…” Kay was trying to keep up with all of this. It was true that she’d seen a vision within the Master Emerald, but it was brief and had taken a while to actually happen. And while Knuckles had told her that the Emerald thought she was special, he had never mentioned anything about this Emerald’s Chosen. For goodness’ sake…she wasn’t even Mobian! (Though it pained her to remember.) Finally she shook her head and told the wizard, “I’ve only had a couple of visions of the future since then. And I don’t know everything that’s happening on Mobius.”

Naugus in Geoffrey’s body paced back and forth across the room for a while, lost in thought. He stroked his chin and muttered to himself before finally stopping mid-pace. “Your encounter with the Emerald must have been short. Perhaps you require a second visit.” He looked at her. “I would suggest contacting the echidnas. Perhaps that fool Guardian Knuckles.”

Kay frowned. She wanted to defend Knuckles but knew it would be useless. Then a thought occurred to her, and she gave him a quizzical look. “Why do you care so much? What does it matter to you whether I’m this Emerald’s Chosen?” There must be something in it for him if I am, she decided.

Naugus looked at her with stoic silence for a few moments before replying. “I am a king. I am thinking of my kingdom and its people.”

“They never mattered to you,” Kay said before she could stop herself. “All you want is power.”

Naugus’ dark red eyes turned to slits that glared coldly at her. She shivered, but only for a moment. A sound from the hallway was breaking the tense silence between the two.

“Kay!” someone called. The voice was familiar…Vector. But how did he know I was in this particular building? Kay looked first at the door, then back at Naugus. He was smirking.

“Ah, yes. The rescue party,” he said slowly. Then, moments later, the clamps on her arms and legs opened, releasing her. Kay looked up at Naugus, hiding behind the mask of Geoffrey St. John, and wondered if he had somehow summoned the Chaotix here. But why would he do that?

Naugus, switching to the kindly persona of Geoffrey, held out his hand to her and smiled. She frowned and almost refused his offer, but something changed her mind at the last minute, so she cautiously placed her hand in his. Geoffrey’s strong hand wrapped around her own as he helped her to her feet and pulled her close to him. He smirked. “We wouldn’t want our precious Emerald’s Chosen to come to harm, would we?” he whispered.

Before Kay could reply the door swung open, and there stood Vector with a dumbfounded look on his face. Kay realized how it must have looked to him, since he had no idea who “Geoffrey” really was.

Then Naugus broke the ice by beaming and saying, “Hello, my good Freedom Fighter. Quite the rescue at the concert, eh?”

Vector only stared at him. Soon the rest of the Chaotix entered and gaped with him. Kay sighed and looked back at Naugus. He smiled kindly at her.

“I should let you return to your friends, miss…” he raised his eyebrows expectantly.

“Kay,” she replied in a soft voice.

“Miss Kay. I enjoyed our conversation. We must talk again soon.” Naugus’ eyes flashed, and in that moment Kay realized that he meant to capture her again once she’d had her second visit to Angel Island. Once she knew everything. She didn’t let her realization cross her face, however. Naugus lifted her hand and kissed it gently, said a quiet farewell, and then gave her a tiny push towards the gawking Chaotix.

I know, she thought. I must look like I’m with the bad guy. But she didn’t voice her concerns and simply walked past them, trying to ignore their stares as she stepped into the hallway.

She had to talk to Knuckles.


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