Everything (A Sonic Fanfic)

After his latest defeat at the hands of Sonic, the evil Dr. Eggman sets his newest plan into motion - one that involves a girl from the distant past. When Kay wakes up and learns of her role in his newest scheme, she bravely defies him. Luckliy, Sonic comes to her rescue...but what would he say if he found out who she was?
NOTE: This story has gradually made its way up to #2 in Sonic Fanfiction on Wattpad. It has 6,000+ reads.


9. Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight


When she stepped out of the other side of the warp ring, Kay found herself in the hallway of the upper level of Freedom HQ. She looked back over her shoulder and saw Knuckles appear right behind her. The ring vanished behind him. Knuckles nodded towards the door to the lab and then began to walk away, heading downstairs. Kay watched him go and then stepped inside.

Espio had been leaning back in a computer chair comfortably, facing a screen with a small smile on his face. When Kay walked in, however, he leapt from his chair and exclaimed, “Kay!” He hurried over to her. “Are you all right?”

Kay was distracted by the bandages around his left shoulder, holding it in place at his side. “I’m fine…” she replied slowly, never taking her eyes from the bandages. “How bad is it?”

“Eggman dislocated my shoulder when he twisted my arm,” Espio told her calmly, “but please rest assured that I have been treated. I will be fine in a couple of days.”

Kay sighed. “I’m so sorry.”

“You didn’t do it,” Espio said, confused.

“It was still my fault. If Eggman hadn’t been chasing me this never would have happened.”

“Kay,” Espio said gently, “I get these kinds of injuries all the time.” He shrugged. “It’s just – ow – another day on the job.”

Kay tried to believe him, but her stomach refused to stop feeling sick. “I still feel responsible.”

“You’re not,” Espio said firmly. “Please, don’t worry about it.”

Kay was about to reply when a soft ding was heard from behind them. They both looked at the screen to see text reading: I will talk to you later, Espio.

“Wait, Nicole!” Espio exclaimed, moving back towards the computer. Kay instantly realized what had been going on before her arrival.

“Nicole, come back,” she said. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you two were talking. I’ll leave you alone.”

You do not have to.

“It’s okay, really.” Kay remembered her experience on the island and added, “I need to talk to Knuckles anyway.”

Espio gave her a grateful smile. “Thanks, Kay.”

“See you later,” Kay replied. Then she walked out of the lab.

Once she was back in the hallway she started for the staircase leading to the lower level, her mind churning. What was she going to say to Knuckles? How would she describe it? Would he panic at her being so close to the Master Emerald? He had been known to do that in the past. Kay walked down the last few steps and found Knuckles immediately. He was in the mini-kitchen.

Here goes nothing, Kay thought. Then, “Knuckles, I need to talk to you.”

The red echidna glanced at her over his shoulder before going back to whatever it was he was doing in the kitchen. “Sure. What’s up?”

Kay walked towards the kitchen as she said, “When I was on Angel Island, Valdez let me get a closer look at the Master Emerald.” She noticed Knuckles tense a little bit. “While I was looking at it, I…I saw something.”

Knuckles snapped his head around to look at her. “You did?” Kay nodded. A confused expression passed over the echidna’s face as he turned back to stare at the countertop.

Kay let a few moments pass before she added, “Neither of us knew what it meant. Valdez said you might.”

Again Knuckles turned to her. “You said you saw something? Like…an image?”

“Moving images, yes,” Kay shrugged. When he didn’t reply right away, she asked, “Is that bad?”

He shook his head. “No. I just don’t understand it. Usually only echidnas can see things like that.” He glanced at her. “Are you part echidna?” She shook her head. Knuckles leaned over the counter, deep in thought. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he sighed. “I wish I could ask my dad. He knew everything about the Master Emerald. What did you see?”

Kay had to stop and think for a second before replying. If she told him exactly what she saw, she would be betraying the purpose of the Secret Freedom Fighters. “It was kind of hard to make out…” she said slowly, still thinking of what to say so that she wasn’t lying but she wasn’t giving anything away, either. “I saw three people running…and there was fire.”

“Were any of them you or someone you know?”

Kay did know who Elias and the wolf twins were, but she hadn’t met them personally. She shook her head. Knuckles sighed.

“Well, this is definitely an interesting mystery,” he muttered.

“Do you have any idea why I saw those things?” Kay asked. He shrugged.

“All I can tell you for now is that for some reason the Master Emerald favors you.” He stood up straight and looked at her. “I’ll look into it more. For now, just think of it this way: the most powerful force on the planet thinks you’re special.” Kay let out a nervous laugh. Knuckles smirked. “I understand from Valdez that you took a four-hour nap, but even so it’s been a long day. You should get some rest.”

“You’re probably right,” Kay replied. “Um…I’m supposed to stay in Amy’s room.” Knuckles jerked his thumb over his shoulder. Kay moved to see what he was indicating and blushed when she saw the bright pink sign on one of the doors announcing to the whole world that it was Amy’s room. “Oh.”

Knuckles laughed. For just a moment, Kay’s heart fluttered. His laugh in person sounded just like that on her Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing game. Knuckles punched her shoulder playfully. “Get some sleep. We’ll talk more tomorrow.”

“Okay. Thanks, Knuckles,” Kay replied, moving past him to enter Amy’s room. When she had closed the door behind her, she leaned against it and sighed. Knuckles had a great laugh.

Stop it, she scolded herself, shaking her head. She turned her attention to the interior of Amy’s room. Almost everything in sight was pink. In fact, the only things that weren’t pink were the few pictures of Sonic she had by her bed. Kay had to keep herself from rolling her eyes. As if she didn’t do the same thing with pictures of Shadow back home.

I wonder if I’ll meet Shadow while I’m here? Kay wondered. I doubt I’d be able to help swooning then.

It was about that time that Kay realized just how tired she was, despite her long period of unconsciousness on the island. She also realized that she was hungry. She hadn’t had anything to eat that day, but will all the nonstop action she hadn’t been able to focus on it.

Oh, well, she shrugged to herself. I’ll get something to eat tomorrow. For now…She lay down on Amy’s pink bed and closed her eyes. A minute later she was asleep.

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