Hello, so, guys and girls, this is my first movellas, or just to stay out of confusion, novel. As you may or may not know this a one direction, romance novel. This novel takes place in Bradford, England. My name is Isabelle. Life was going...well, perfect util a guy named Levi, came into my life.


2. Questions...

Lunch passed by fast, it was awkward. No one said a word. It was Zayn, Levi and me. Zayn was secretly staring at Levi. He thought I didn't notice but I did, and I think Levi noticed it too. So, to break the silence I asked Levi about our math assignment "Levi, what do you want to for our math assignment" Zayn flinched at the word "our"

"What math assignment did you guys get? You guys are partners? I thought you were always partners with Cheryl?" He just threw questions at me and I slowly replied.

"Well, ummmm...yes I did get partnered up with Levi because he's a new student, we have to research an environmental cause and graph it when it looked like in 1991 and graph it when it looked like today and compare them" Then I got up to put my tray away ad Levi came with me. Zayn had to go to the bathroom and I was glad because he was being was too protective of me. Just because what happened with me in the pat doesn't mean it will happen again, but it still haunts me every single second. I was so deep in that thought I forgot where I was going and bumped into someone, she just continued to walk and cursed under her breath but I tripped, I was about to fall until Levi caught me. He just saved me from the most embarrassing moment of my life. I was staring into his mysterious eyes and I think he was staring back.

"Isabelle are you okay?" "'m fine. Thanks" "Don't mention it. Isabelle I was thinking maybe, if we, you can say no, but I was thinking maybe if we could work on the math assignment at your place or mine" I was stunned "Sure, how about today after school, I don't live far away, so we can walk home together with Zayn"

History was repeating itself. I tried to ignore the thought, about what happened 2 years ago, but I couldn't. The lunch bell rang and Levi and I were headed towards our locker. 

-Skipping to end of the day-

Levi and I were walking home. Zayn had to do some auditions for the talent show. I thought he was really talented and asked him to join the X-Factor but he just said he wasn't good enough.

After a little, awkward silence, Levi finally spoke "Where is Zayn, I thought he was walking with us?" "He had an audition" "What is your brother interested in?" "Singing" He kept on asking questions and I kept on replying. The words just came out like magic, but all I was thinking about was Levi, his black hair would just fit perfectly. His broad shoulders, exposed his muscles. They were muscles to die for. His grey muscle shirt fitted perfectly with his blue jacket. He was wearing grey skinny jeans. I couldn't help but stare, then he saw me and smiled. I was blushing.

I totally forgot my mum and dad were leaving for there trip to Paris, for a year. I had mixed emotions, I wanted them to go because I wasn't allowed to bring any boys home, but I wanted them to stay because I wanted that one last big bear from my mum and dad, I wanted to say one last kiss on the cheek for another year.

He broke the silence "Is there a problem Isabelle?"

I saw him waiting for answer "Oh, there's no problem" I didn't know why I didn't tell him.

I thought walking home from school was going to take forever, but in the end we got there. Terror slipped through me when I didn't see my parents at home. I felt a tear surpass my face. I saw Levi wipe that tear away with his thumb and then  he asked me "What's wrong Isabelle, you can tell me" "My parents....they left for a vacation....for a Paris. I always said goodbye and got my kiss on the cheek, I guess not the same this year" I stumbled saying those words, but then I took control over myself, when I went in, I saw a note and proceeded towards it. But, before I told Levi to take a seat on the couch.

I read the note:

I'm sorry honey, your dad and I couldn't say bye and give you a kiss but look on the bright side, you have the house to yourself and Zayn. Hope you guys have fun. Don't cause any trouble. Lots of love!!



I got some snacks and some drinks. I went upstairs to get changed. I saw Levi analyzing a book, so I didn't disturb him.

Levi's P.O.V

Wow, when I entered their house, it was amazing, so clean. Beauty. "Levi you can take a seat on the couch, I'll get you some snacks. I'll be back in a sec" Before I could say anything she left. She was so beautiful, hers eyes, her hair, her way of talking. Everything about her was truly amazing, I've ever seen a girl like her. I sat on the couch, and saw a diary, it was marked as "Isabelle" I hope she didn't mind, so I took it and started reading.

Zayn's P.O.V

"Next" I heard my teacher say and I slowly went on stage. "Aah, Zayn what will you be performing tonight?" "You see, I've been working on a song called "Change My Mind" and I was hoping hat I could perform this song" "Sure" I took in a deep breath and stared singing

The end of the night

We should say goodbye

But we carry on

While everyone's gone

Never felt like this before

Are we friends or are we more?

As I'm walking toward the door

I'm not sure

But baby if you say you want me to stay

I'll change my mid

Cause I don't wanna know I'm walking away

"STOP" I got extremely nervous, questions filled my mind. What if I wasn't good enough? What did I do wrong to make my teacher yell "STOP"? What if my career of being a singer ends here? "Zayn....THAT WAS FANTASTIC!!! Have you ever thought about auditioning for X-Factor. There coming here next week" I was stunned. No words came out of my mouth. No movement. Those words were circling my mind. Then I spoke "I'm auditioning next week for X-Factor"

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