Hello, so, guys and girls, this is my first movellas, or just to stay out of confusion, novel. As you may or may not know this a one direction, romance novel. This novel takes place in Bradford, England. My name is Isabelle. Life was going...well, perfect util a guy named Levi, came into my life.


6. Prank...

We were about to go into the restaurant, but I couldn't go in. I was to busy admiring it's beauty. The way they spelled out Olive Garden in cursive, with vines hanging fro certain spots all facing one direction, down. The way there were brown patios on the outside, then I heard Zayn yell. "Isabelle!"

I walked over and was sitting at our table. It was a private dinning room, just for 3.

I was looking over the menu when I saw the meals were over the top. I mean there was no dish that was under 50 euros. "Big bro this restaurant is really expensive, are you sure you want to eat here?" "Yes" he replied with confidence. "Why like....there's no special occasion why did we come here all of a sudden?" I questioned.

"I will tell you guys when we get home" he simply replied.

**At home**

"Well.." I stared the conversation off. Zayn, Levi and I were in  pajamas and I insisted that Levi can stay here for tonight. We were about to start the movie "Grudge" when Zayn said

"Well, I am auditioning for X-Factor tomorrow, so I thought why not celebrate and secondly..." I saw a him pull out a card and I couldn't recognize what it was. "What is that?" "My driving license" I  jumped up and gave him  hug. "and come with me"

He led us to the garage, I was confused, then I realized, OMG did he get a car!!

He opened the garage door and we saw a silver Volvo. I screeched at how happy I was. We congratulated Zayn and we off to watch the movie. I seriously hated this movie. Wait, correction I hate all horror movies. They freak me out.

The movie started and we all automatically snuggled on the couch. I was too scared so I just hid y face in my sweater. I felt a arm around me and saw Levi. I gave him a friendly smile.

Zayn's P.O.V

I officially hate Levi now, how can he put his arm around my sister when I'm right here. To cool my anger off I went to the kitchen to make some pop corn.


Isabelle's P.O.V

I saw Zayn getting up as well as Levi. I think Zayn went to go make some pop corn because I heard the microwave beeping and Levi went to the bathroom.

I was left alone, I was trying not to watch but I couldn't. The Grudge was making a crying noise and a Chinese lady went into the attic. and there she was face to face with the Grudge. The Grudge screamed and the Chinese girl was gone. I hid my face in my sweater.

Then out of no where, all the lights went out, the T.V, the microwave, all blank. "Zayn" I yelled. No answer. "Levi" I yelled again. Still no answer. I was extremely horrified. Then it came to me it's probably one of those stupid pranks that Zayn does, but still I was scared.

Suddenly I heard a noise, it was footsteps. The footsteps were getting louder and louder. "ZAYN LEVI!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. The light flickered and I could see the horrifying face. I screamed and then I heard extreme laughter. The lights came back on and there they were Zayn and Levi laughing their butts off. "Geez" That was all I could say and left to my room.

'Boys will be boys' I thought to myself. How am I going to get the back? I questioned myself.

This will be the last chapter. If you guys want me to continue, I will. I don't realy like the setting right now. Any suggestions? Comment!







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