Hello, so, guys and girls, this is my first movellas, or just to stay out of confusion, novel. As you may or may not know this a one direction, romance novel. This novel takes place in Bradford, England. My name is Isabelle. Life was going...well, perfect util a guy named Levi, came into my life.


4. Olive Garden...

I woke up and saw a girl rubbing my hair. I thought it was Isabelle so I quickly hugged her, thinking she was okay. But then I heard an unfamiliar voice.

"Ummm...sir" I quickly let her go "I'm sorry..I thought you were someone else" "It's fine. Um..are you Mr. Malik" "Yes" "Isabelle is doing great and now she is allowed to go. Just make sure that she doesn't walk a lot and she has to wear her cast at all time" "May I go see her and Mr. Rice is already with Isabelle" "Thank you" After that I rushed down the hallway to meet Isabelle but I didn't know what room she was in. I went to the receptionist and asked her she was on the 4th floor in room 195.

When I got there Isabelle was sleeping peacefully. But then I saw Levi holding Isabelle's hand anger rushed through me. I walked over to him and turned him around so now he was facing me. I calmed myself down and said "Listen Levi, I do't want you dating Isabelle, you're lucky enough that you're her friends with her" Before, he could say anything, I shoved him over and held Isabelle's hand in mine. 

"But why, I really like her and I think she likes me too" Levi said and all I could think of was kicking him, where a guy doesn't liked to be kicked. "Listen Levi, I'll talk to you about this later. Can you please leave. NOW?" It was more of a statement then a question. He went out the door. I saw Isabelle sleeping peacefully.  

 It was 11 am. I already called our school and told them, they understood and gave us 2 weeks off, all of us even Levi. I tried to wake up Isabelle because I wanted to get out of this place. "Babe, Isabelle" She finally woke up.

"Zayn, I'm so sorry, if I had been careful, we wou-" Isabelle said.

I put my finger on her lips. I couldn't believe what she was saying. "Isabelle are you serious? Babe, there's no one to blame. It wasn't Levi's fault, it was yours either. It was kind of my fault for letting you make dinner in this condition. Anyway the nurse told me we're allowed to go now"

"Great, I seriously want to get out of here. Did you tell mum and dad about this?" "Oh my God, I totally forgot to tell mum and dad. Should we?"

Isabelle's P.O.V

I thought about it, maybe we shouldn't tell them because I seriously don't want to ruin their vacation. Then, Zayn spoke "We're not going to tell them, anyways we're going out today to a fancy restaurant" I was really excited, but the excitement went down when I didn't see Levi around. "What are you looking for babe?" Zayn asked. "Where's Levi?" I replied. I saw his face rage up. Questions went through me. Did he yell at Levi? Why does he have to be so over protective? What if he hit Levi?

He finally replied "He's outside" "Is he coming to the fancy restaurant?" "Umm....yes" "What about school?" "The principal gave us 2 weeks off. Babe, you don't have to worry I took care of everything" "Okay, let's go"

**At home**

We were at home and went up to my room carefully. I was felling tired so I decide to sleep before we went to the restaurant.

I woke up, finding an envelope beside my bed. I opened it up and found a whole wad of cash. There was a note beside the envelope.

Your dad and I thought you could use some money. It's 2000 euros. Don't waste 'em, use them appropriately



P.S. Don't give any money to Zayn, we already gave him 2000 euros.

I have the best mum and dad in the world!! Well , better stat getting reading. I found a black dress that had a o belt along the waist. I tired not be too fancy so I just went with a golden bracelet and a pair of pointy pencil heels. It felt weird because I was wearing a cast I one and a pencil heel I one. But, I managed to walk. My cast made me sigh. (Here's what Isabelle was wearing)

I walked down and Zayn an Levi were in tux's. They were 2 good looking guys. Zayn as handsome as usual wearing his black tux with a white tie, opening his shirt buttons one too many. Levi was wearing the same thing except he had a black tie on. He was so handsome.

"Let's go, I hope I didn't too long and by the way you guys look really good" I said, smiling at the ground. "Thank you, you look beautiful" They both said. I blushed. 

"Wait Zayn you can't drive, how are we going to get there?" "Oh yeah, I'll go call a cab, can you guys wait outside" Something about that sounded fishy, but I ignored it and I went outside. As soon as we were out my mouth dropped. There was a black limo parked in our drive way and Zayn came out. "I thought why not make this night perfect" "Zayn you're the best. Hey, what's the name of the restaurant?" "Olive Garden" I went to give him a tight hug and we were off to Olive Garden.


Author's Note:

Sorry about the crappy chapter :( and sorry I haven't updated in a while. I didn't know what to write about.

Secondly I wanted to tell you guys that I'm holding a contest for who will be Zayn's girlfriend. So, just describe yourself and put your name  the description. Thanks and the winner will be picked out of a random. :)









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