Hello, so, guys and girls, this is my first movellas, or just to stay out of confusion, novel. As you may or may not know this a one direction, romance novel. This novel takes place in Bradford, England. My name is Isabelle. Life was going...well, perfect util a guy named Levi, came into my life.


3. News...

Levi's P.O.V

I was staring to read Isabelle's diary but then I saw Isabelle coming down, so I quickly took Isabelle's diary and quickly put it in my backpack. She was looking beautiful, she was weraing a peach  tank-top and white shorts, with cream flip flops. She saw me staring at her, she was smiling at the ground. I couldn't help but smile back. Isabelle was proceeding towards the kitchen. Suddenly, I heard a yell from the kitchen, I ran towards her. She was crouching down holding her foot, terror hit me looking at her foot. She had a  knife in her foot. "Isabelle, what did you do??" I quickly helped up up, picked her up and sat her down on the kitchen counter. I didn't know what to do, so I called her brother. I told Isabelle to calm down and quickly dialed Zayn's number.

"ZAYN!!" "What happedened? Is Isabelle okay?" "ZAYN!! Listen to me, Isabelle accidentaly stabbed herself, and I don't know what to do. What do I do?" "OKAY, ummmm....there is a first aid kit, in Isabelle's room. It's in her closet, you'll see it right in front of you" I ran into Isabelle's room, wow, it was beautiful and really huge. STOP, Levi not right now, I saw the first aid kit. I ran downstairs and saw Isabelle crying in pain. I picked up the phone and asked Zayn what to do next. "ummm.....slowly and carelfully take out the knife. Then quickly put pressure on the foot with some paper towels. Then there must be pepto-bismol in there spray it 4 times. I'll be there, give me 10 minutes. Bye and take care of Isabelle" I saw crying her tears out, I carefully rubbed them away and she looked up "It's going to be okay Isabelle, trust me. Zayn's coming in 10 minutes" 

I carefully took the knife away and heard her scream. I quickly took paper towels and applied presure. After that was done, I sprayed pepto-bismol 4 times, every time I sprayed it I heard her scream. It was hurting me. I quickly gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her it's going to be okay, a smile appered on her face. I bandaged her up and took her to the couch. Just then Zayn came rushing in "Where's Isabelle? Hey, Bells you feeling better?" "Yeah, Levi took care of it. Thanks Levi" I winked at her and saw her blush. Zayn came rushing in and sat right next to her. It was getting awkward, so I decided to leave. Just then Zayn stopped me and told  me I could stay the night, it was getting late, so I decided why not. I went over to the phone and told my mom that i'll be staying over at me "freind's" I still was confused if Isabelle was my freind or not.

Zayn's P.O.V

It was nice of Levi to take care of Isabelle, but still something about him was just not right. I set that aside and gave Isabelle a hug. It was 6 pm and I saw Levi leaving and told him to stay the night. One accident was enough for today, I didn't want Levi getting hurt.

I went to the kitchen to get something to eat, just then I saw a pool of blood. I should probably take care of this so, I got some paper towels and cleaned it up.

I finally got done and decided to eat something, out of no where, something popped in my mind. I totally forgot to tell Isabelle that I'm going to audition for X-Factor. I bet she'll be extremly happy because, after all she was the one who wanted me to go in the first place. I opened the fridge and saw some left over pizza. I warmed it up and sat down on the couch. Before I turned the T.V on, I said "Isabelle, you know how you always wanted me to audition for the X-Factor?"

"Yeah..." she slowly said with some confusion but a little bit of excitement.

"Well, I'm auditioning" I said. She rose up like a space shuttle, but then relized about her foot and sat back down. She gave a big bear hug and kissed me on the cheek. "You'll rock it bro. I know you got this" She was so excited. Then Levi came over with confusion on his face "What did I miss?"

"Zayn's auditioning for the X-Factor!!" I literally yelled "Nice, when's the audition?" I was wondering too, then I looked at Zayn "Next week, so I have to practice, practice, practice, till perfect. I'ave been working on a song, I hope I can perform that, but I'm a bit ify on that" "Why?" I said a little confused, I'ave heard him sing. What was the name.....oh yeah "Change My Mind" "Simon" We all said at the same time. 

I should probably make dinner, I was thinking maybe...TACOS!! I could hardly get up, but I made it towards the kitchen. Last time I remember, there was a pool of blood. I guess Zayn cleaned it up. He was the best brother anyone could have, he was so caring and loving. He never even had a girlfreind, the next one will be a very lucky one. I was so into that thought, I forgot I was holding a bowl and accidentally dropped it on my foot. And it HAD to be the one, which one was injured. I yelled and fell in pain. Blood was coming out so fast I couldn`t keep up. I saw Levi and Zayn rushing over to me. Zayn went to go call, I think he was calling a cab, to go to the hospital. Levi picked me up and wrapped me up in his arm. I was blushing and he was just running to the car. I looked over to his eyes, his eyes were like the ocean after a storm, which is beautiful. I guess it helped me ease the pain.

We reached the hospital and I was still in Levi's arms. I loved him more than anyone, maybe more than can`t love him. I can`t break my heart again.

The doctor came in and put me on a strecher. He carefully took off the bandage off and I yelped in pain.

Zayn`s P.O.V

I heard Isabelle yell in pain, it was hurting me. Why didn't I just take her to the hospital in the first place? Then the doctor came out. "How is she?" "Well, we analyzed her foot and her foot is infected, also she also has cut her nerve. She's lost alot of blood. But, on the bright side, she progressing well. We'll try our best"

I couldn't help but cry. Levi stared crying to. It was my fault.

Author's note:

Sorry about the short chapter you guys. Did you like the chapter? Comment! Sorry, I couldn't publish it yestarday, I was out of town. :) Hope you guys like it and by the way, thank you. For the 3 likes, 12 more likes to go till 15 likes.


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