Hello, so, guys and girls, this is my first movellas, or just to stay out of confusion, novel. As you may or may not know this a one direction, romance novel. This novel takes place in Bradford, England. My name is Isabelle. Life was going...well, perfect util a guy named Levi, came into my life.


1. Introduction

It's been 3 months and I'm suffering through the most boring class of all, history. Until, a new student comes in. He was unbelievably handsome. He had black hair, tan skin and deep mysterious black eyes. There as something about him that caused butterflies in my belly.

Then the teacher spoke "Aah..Mr.Levi Rice, welcome, you may take a seat beside..aah Isabelle. But first, have you been assigned a locker? "

Then, he replied, his voice was music to my ears. "No, Mrs...."

"B. or you may call me Mrs. Balener  and from now on you have locker 239, you will be sharing your locker with Isabelle" That gave me a chill, I had to share a locker with the hottest guy in our grade.

Then, Mrs. Balener spoke "You may keep our stuff in your locker once the bell rings, now take your seat, chop..chop. Okay, class as I was saying....." He came and sat next to me and immediately I got chills down my back.

He quietly said in his melodious voice "Hello, I hope you don't mind sharing your locker with me" I said "No, it's okay, no problem" OMG, Isabelle you can't talk to Levi like that. Then a thought came to my mind, what if doesn't like me. I mean, I'm basically average. I have black hair, light brown eyes and tan skin. Since I was half Muslim and half British  My mom, she is Muslim and my dad is British. I have 1 brother, Zayn Malik and he means the world to me. My brother is one year older than me, he's 16 and I'm 15. I'm in grade 10 and he's in grade 11.

The bell finally rang and Levi an I walked to my..well our locker. I never shared a locker with anyone. Since, our class was an odd number, I  was always the girl who was a loner. But, don't get me wrong, I don't have a lot of friends but I do have one, Zayn. I always with him and his friends  It always got awkward because I was the only girl. 

Then Levi spoke"Umm.. hope you don't mind me asking you this, but can I sit with you during lunch?"

Wow, this was the best day of my life, I was going to sit with the Levi. I had an answer but it wouldn't come out, then I finally said, without hesitation "yes" 

-Skipping to lunch-

I immediately saw Zayn and he didn't look quite happy "Hey, Isabelle, I see you'ave made a new friend"

"Yes, I have, Levi meet my brother Zayn. Zayn meet Levi, he's a new student in our class"



Helllloooo, my real name is Abhi. I know weird name and I hope you guys like my story. I'm only going to continue if you guys comment that you like it. My goal is to get 15 likes....I hope I reach that goal 


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