Nobody Compares

Haylee is friends with the biggest boyband One Direction, she practically lives with them there has always been a certain member she is sweet on Louis. But there's always been a little part of her that liked Harry. Will that part grow? Will she end up being in a love triangle?


2. Get Out Of My Head!

-Haylee's POV-

I sat at the foot of Louis' bed on the ground he had finally let me play. He was laying on the bed his head hanging down I felt like turning my head and just laying a spider-man kiss on his lips I was in an intense match "King of the hill" on Halo 4 when started singing
"Shot me out of the sky your my kryptonite you keep making me weak yeah frozen and can't breath" he sang
"Lou get out of my head!" I said
"Get out get out get out of my head" he sang I crashed my warthog over the ledge I turn to him
"Damn you Louis!" I said he chuckled and smiled it beautiful smile
"Woah don't go crazy till you see the sun" he said I chuckled and flicked his cheek and left the game I went up his Xbox dashboard and put in Grand Theft Auto IV
"Um excuse me" he says
"What I wanna play GTA" I said
"What eves" he said sitting up right he was leaning on my head with his forearms crossed.
I started driving and I hit and poll
"Thank god you don't have a license in real life" Louis says I smirk
"I'm rusty I haven't played in a while ok?" I said
"Uh huh" he says he gets up and goes into his closet and comes put with a beanie on he tosses me one I put it on s he puts his on he sits beside me I got wanted and I couldn't shake the cops
"Here let me try" he says I handed him the controller and he slid around and skidded and did everything after the cops were gone he pulled up onto a beach shore and handed me the controller
"Show off" I said he smirked
"What can I say?" He says I smile and drive off the beach
He gets up
"Where are you going?" I ask
"To get a snack" he says
"Oh ok" I said he went out of the room. I continue to drive around when he comes up with a bag of chips and two cans of Pepsi he hands me one and sits beside me again he smiles and looks at my can
"What did you do to it?" I asked
"Nothing" he says
"Fine open it then" I said handing it to him
"I'm good" he says handing it back
"Fine whatever" I say he takes the controller from me I look down at the un opened pop cans and switched the cans shaking it again for good measure he didn't notice
"Fine I'll open my can if you open yours" I said he smirked and passed the game
"Alright" he said he grabbed the can I shook and opened it, it sprayed all over him I moved away
He spit the Pepsi that had got in his mouth out he wiped it away from his eyes and I giggled
"How about a hug?" He asks
"I'm good" I said he kept crawling towards me when we got up and he chased me around his room laughing and screeching.


Louis had gone to shower and I had started to play GTA again. When he came out he was holding his towel shut his hair was damp on his torso exposed I didn't move out of his way when he smirked
"Love of you don't move, your going to see a lot more of me than you have as long as you've known me" he says I move away and he goes through and goes into his closet he comes out wearing red chinos rolled up at the ankles and white shoes a red suspenders hanging from his waist and stopping at the back of his knees he smiles he's shirtless and he comes and sits down beside me still with his shirt off I look down and see how fit he is I quickly look away being careful not to stare he chuckles
"Why are you so distant?" He says I look at him
"What do you mean?" I ask
"Well your kinda leaning away from me" he says I look and realize I was, he smirks and takes the game out and puts a movie in
We get up and lay on his bed over top of the converter I still try my best in to look away from his abs because he still isn't wearing his shirt, we lay as he presses play I look at the title of the movie and look at him
"Peter Pan?" I said
"Yeah" he says
"Do I smell funny of something?" He adds
"No" I said
"Then come here" he says opening his arms I shake my head and he pulls me into his hug we watch the movie.


-Harry's POV-

I walk into Louis' room and see the Peter Pan credits and I look over and see him hugging Haylee they were kinda spooning type position
"Lads come up here" I said they came up and we saw them cuddling and we smiled stupidly we've secretly always wanted Lou and Lee to get together but have never said it to their faces. Lou's arms were around her hugging him close to his chest as if some one was going to take her away and she was holing onto his hands you can tell they didnt start off like that they might have been hugging or whatever but sleep put them like this.
"And I'm in love with you and all your little things" I sing and the boys smile again as we leave the room.
How awkward is they going to be when they wake up... Eeesh I'd hate to be them right now....
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