Nobody Compares

Haylee is friends with the biggest boyband One Direction, she practically lives with them there has always been a certain member she is sweet on Louis. But there's always been a little part of her that liked Harry. Will that part grow? Will she end up being in a love triangle?


1. Master Chief Is A God

-Haylee's POV-

I walk into the house unlocking the door with the key they gave me
"Hello?!" I call no answer I walk up the stairs I open Zayn's door he's still sleeping
"Get up Malik!" I yell he groans and covers his head with the pillow I go to the next room Niall's
"Wake up Nialler!" I say he groans and flips me off making me smile I go across the hall to Liam's room
"Come on Liam get up" I say he nods and fans out his arms
"How are you all still sleeping get up!" I yell I go into the next room Louis' room
"Alright get u- oh your up' I said insecurely Louis' beautiful ocean eyes beam towards me he's got his Xbox headset on and he's playing Halo, Louis was the one who got me into video games I run and jump onto his bed
"What one is this?" I ask
"4" he says
"Can I play?" I ask
"No you suck" he says smirking
"What ever you suck I'm going to wake up Hazza"
"I wouldn't do that if I were you" he says
"Why not?"
"He's in one of his moods" he said
"He doesn't scare me" I said and left Louis' room and went into Harry's room he was laying with his back towards me I walked up
"Come on Haz get up" I said he groaned at me
"Harry" I say he didn't say anything I pulled him onto his back and straddled him
"Get up" I said ticking him causing him to smile and giggle
"Well it's good to know you like to be on top" he says winking at me with a cheeky grin I put my hand over his mouth
"Bad boy" I said pointing my finger at him he licked my hand I took it away, he chuckled he sat up making me fall back on my back he hovered over me he looked into my eyes the smirk still plastered on his face.
"Harry-" he cuts me off
"Don't worry I'm not going to kiss you" he says and gets up leaving me there breathless I shake it off and go into Lou's room
"Can I play now?" I ask
"No you still suck" he says I slap him on the shoulder
"Ow, it's the truth" he says
"Who are you playing with anyways?" I ask
"Josh" he says
"Ok" I walk out into the hall and notice Niall still laying on his bed I get to symbols from the drum kit he has and smashed them together
"Alright lets go get up" I said he groans and sits up I put the symbols back he stares blankly
"What's on your mind Nialler?" I asked sitting on his bed
"Demi broke up with me" he says sadly I don't even think twice I launch forward and hug him he hugs me back doing the famous Horan Hug we squeeze each other for a good minute and Niall starts to cry
"Want me to get Liam?" I asked
"Just Zayn" he says I nod and get up I go into Zayn's room and he's just putting on a shirt
"Um Niall needs you" I said he nods and goes into Niall's room I check to see if Liam is up and knock
"Come in" he says he only has a towel wrapped around his waist his hair wet (he has the Mohawk type hairstyle in this story, Harry has the long curls and Louis has his pushed to the side hair style from the French interview Niall has his Quiff so does Zayn)
"I was just making sure you were up and clearly you are" I said gesturing to him he chuckles
"Yep" he says I turn to walk away
"Haylee?" He says
"Yeah?" I say
"Thanks" he says
"For what?" I ask
"Mothering us" he says
"My pleasure" I said smiling and leaving his room and shutting the door I go into Lou's room and see Harry on his bed watching him play
"Come sit beside me Babe" Harry says tapping the spot beside him I sigh and lay next to him he puts his arm around me and pulls me close to him and chuckles at how tense I get, he's such a flirt. I start to tickle him he lays in his back as I pin him and he laughs, Louis clears his throat
"Can you guys do that anywhere but on my bed?" He says Harry hangs his head off the side next to Louis'
"Wy are you getting jealous?" Harry says Louis nervously laughs
"No" he says
"He's jealous" Harry mouthes to me smirking
Louis turned and slapped Harry in the forehead Harry made a sound and it made me giggle
Louis reached back with the other hand for a high five I gave him one he continues to play
"So who's the green guy? Master Chief right?" I ask
"Yeah Master Chief is a god" Louis says I chuckle
"Your so lame Lou" I said Harry chuckles
"Hey don't hate on me cause I like video games" he says I look over at Harry who smiles at me and starts to tickle me again Louis looks back at us
"I can't concentrate with you two here" he says and turns off his Xbox and walks out
"Ok then" Harry says his arm still around me from ticking me
"Do you think he's mad at us?" I asked
"No he'll be alright."


Me and Harry went down stairs into the living room and I looked over at Louis he patted his lap signaling me to sit on his lap I smile and walk over and he pulls me onto his lap my back goes against his stomach he hugs me close to him Harry doesn't look jealous which is a good thing but Louis' touch feels amazing on my skin. There's just something about this boy from Doncaster.

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