Love Waits

A 15 year old girl named Cassy (short for Cassidy) finds out that her favorite band, One Direction is playing in her city, Morehead City, she freaks out. After she buys the tickets, she finds out that they cant make the concert and theyre going back to England. Cassy has to sneak out of her house and find a way to meet them.


4. The Plan: Will it Work?

Cassidy's POV.

It was 8:30pm, and my mom was getting ready to lay down and go to sleep. When she hit the hay, I was ready to go. I had packed my bag a little earlier and hid it in my closet so it would be ready to go. I opened my window, jumped onto my roof and looked down. I was truley scared of heights, but I thought about it for a second and made up my mind to do it for 1D. I through my bag down and then slowly jumped down. "OUCH!" I accidentally screamed. I had twisted my ancle! "I'm pretty sure that was not in the plan." I whispered to myself. I started to cry. Not because my ancle hurt, but because I was never going to meet One Direction! I quickly opened my bag to get my WASN'T in there!


Isabele's POV.

I couldn't believe I was about to meet ONE DIRECTION!!! The biggest boy band in the world! I was waiting for Cassy to text me when she was ready it was 8:57pm now and still, no text! Cassy told me her mom usually goes to bed between 8 and 8:30, where was she?! 9:30 came, and I decided to follow my gut and go to her house. When I arrived, I saw her laying on the ground crying her eyes out! I asked her what had happened and surprised to hear my voice, she stopped crying.

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