Love Waits

A 15 year old girl named Cassy (short for Cassidy) finds out that her favorite band, One Direction is playing in her city, Morehead City, she freaks out. After she buys the tickets, she finds out that they cant make the concert and theyre going back to England. Cassy has to sneak out of her house and find a way to meet them.


6. I Meet One Direction!!!!

Cassidy's POV.

I'm sitting in the car checking their concert times, and I find the right address. We arrive at the RIGHT place this time and knowing that it's in the middle of the concert we wait in the car. Finally a few hours later, when everybody is gone, we see the door fly open, and 5 adorable celeberties come out with their cute laughter. For a second I didn't think it was real, until they started walking towards OUR car!!!! I got out before they were all the way to the car. Harry was the first one to introduce himself saying, "Hi I'm Harry Styles." I loved his cute accent. I tried to act like I wasn't crazy because I know fans don't usually like that. "Umm I'm Cassidy, but you can call me Cassy." I looked to my right and saw Niallm eating a fruit cake. He was so adorble when he ate! "Are you ok?" Harry asked. "Oh yeah, I replied, we just came because I got tickets for your earlier show and when it was cancelled, I was devistated!" I snuck out just so I could meet you guys. They were quietly thinking what to say, when Izzy got mad at me because I wasn't letting her talk to the boys and she drove away and left me sitting in a concert parking lot!! I started to tear up, which was very embarassing in front of the boys, but at that time, I didn't care. Liam, his generous self asked me what was wrong and why Isabele left me. I told them why and they all kind of laughed. Louis with his funny jokes, tried making me feel better by saying,"Maybe she went to get icecream for us and she'll be back in a minuute." He succeeded because  I stopped crying and had a small grin on my face for a minute, until I remembered that I had to get hime to my mom before she starts freaking out and  thinks somebody stole me!

Harry's POV.

We, One Direction just got finished with our concert, and we are all talking about when louis tried making me mess up during my solo. We all started laughing as we walk out through the doors. When we walk out and finally stop laughing I see two girls sitting in a car still here. I thought it was one of the crazy girls at  the concert who was trying to steal us. But what if they werent crazy girl fans and what if they need's worth a shot. I directed the boys in "one direction" to their car. That's when I started a conversation with a cute bruinette that looked about 16 or 17. "Hi I'm Harry," and you? "Cassidy but you can call me cassy," I heard her say. I asked her why she was here and she told me she just wanted to meet us. She said that she snuck out of her house. I'm not sure if I believe her but hey, Y.O.L.O.

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