weeping tears

The heart filled fears going through there bodies. as they open their front door, Tommy:8, Senica:10 they get abused physically and mentally


1. facing the fear

Seneca runs toward the door Tommy come on hurry. Smack! Tommy gets hit in the back of the leg ahhhhhaaaaaa you hear the screaming of his leg as he hits the floor. Crawling he tries to get to Seneca Tommy hears Seneca retched screaming his mom as Seneca by her hair pulling her down. Seneca fights the hurt as Tommy gets to the door Seneca rips out  of her moms hands. They run down the street to there grandmas hiding. Their grandma doesn't know about the abuse. 

    They scream, "Grandma never leave us we never want to go home again!" panting Seneca screams, "Moms here hide Tommy.

      They run out the back door to there grandpa and hide in his shed where they can lock it from the inside so no one can get in. They feel safe till they hear breathing there dads in there they grab the sharpest the sharpest thing they can find. Their dad jumps out Seneca kicks him in the leg they run till they see the road. they get to the end to meet a ghost the name was Weeping.

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