With You By My Side

When Claire runs away from her abusive father, Daniel, she is terrified to find herself falling off a bridge after being shoved by a mob of girls chasing five handsome guys. When reality hits her, she realizes the fact that she was saved by Liam Payne who had dove in after her, but her leg was not as lucky. Read as these two fall for one another and learn that with one another by each others side they can accomplish anything.


3. Spill it all...

Claire's POV

I woke up once again, being violently shaken by one of the doctors.  I looked up, seeing five faces looking over me.  Although they seemed familiar, I was to exhausted, stressed, and emotional to try and connect the faces to names.  It seemed like I was traveling in between a never ending saga, waking up and falling unconscious once again.  Finally, the twilight ended and I woke up, realizing the time. It was 2:30 A.M. and the five boys were still here, many asleep in chairs and Liam in the nearest chair, his arm draped behind my head.  My stirring woke up most of the boys, yet the one with dark brown hair and tattoos down his arm was still asleep.  "Who are you?" I questioned the boys.  "You really don't know who we are?" said the one with green eyes and curly brown hair.  I nodded my head in consent.  "Well, I'm Harry, this is Niall, Louis, you already met Liam, and that is Zayn, the lazy butt, and we are one direction!" THAT'S WHO I WAS THINKING OF!!! They all were smiling at me, especially Liam who's cheeks had gone crimson red when we made eye contact.  "Why am I here? What happened to my leg?" I asked, still glaring at the metal contraption replacing my flesh.  "Well, you were running away from someone, or something, and then a mob of girls chasing us pushed you off the bridge by accident.  Liam jumped in after you and saved your life, but your leg was not as lucky.  I looked at Liam, my eyes full of gratitude.  He returned the smile, but then turned his head as if to break the glance.  Then, all of the sudden Liam turned and asked me what my name was. "Lads, we've spent all this time talking about us and we don't even know her name!"  Louis elbowed him in the ribs as if to make fun of him and Liam blushed, once again.  "My name is Claire" I said quietly, not wanting to seem to bold.  I really did like Liam, even if I had just met him.  Suddenly the door flung open and the doctor came in.  He told me that he had called my father to let him know where to pick me up.  My eyes went wide and screamed at the doctor to not let him in.  Although he looked like he was going to ask me why, he just walked out of the room.  I could hear Daniel yelling in the lobby, but gratefully was not allowed into the room.  The doctor returned after about forty-five minutes and asked me why I did not allow him to come in.  The room went silent, all eyes on me.  I could tell the boys wanted to know why I was running through the park.  I began to talk very softly, telling them about my mom's death and the awful things my father had done to me.  Hot tears began streaming down my face, threatening to create a sobbing scene.  When I finished my story, Zayn had waken up and everyone was crying.  Liam grabbed my hand and rubbed it, attempting to comfort me.  At first I was startled but then I felt all fluttery inside and it actually began to soothe me.  I really did love this boy.

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