With You By My Side

When Claire runs away from her abusive father, Daniel, she is terrified to find herself falling off a bridge after being shoved by a mob of girls chasing five handsome guys. When reality hits her, she realizes the fact that she was saved by Liam Payne who had dove in after her, but her leg was not as lucky. Read as these two fall for one another and learn that with one another by each others side they can accomplish anything.


6. Someone who understands me

The boys timing could not have been more perfect.  They all barged in right as the moment began to get awkward and started at a full scale water gun war!  Nialler grabbed my chair and rushed me behind the bed where I was blocked by the pillows and handed Liam and I a water gun.  By the end, everyone had completely teamed up on Zayn who in return, ran up to his room, curled into a ball and fell asleep... sopping wet.  We all laughed until tears streamed down our faces when Louis drew a mustache and monocle on Zayns face and we screamed as everyone ran and I was pushed out of his room as soon as he began stirring.  We locked ourselves in the bathroom until we heard him snoring once more and finished our masterpiece.

Liams POV

After the game was over, it seemed as if all the liveliness was sucked out of Claire, reality hitting her once more and the darkness returning to her eyes.  Desperate to see her beautiful smile and the light in her eyes, I said "Hey guys, why don't we go swimming?", then remembering that that would be the easiest thing to do for Claire because of her leg.  "Sure! That would be so much fun!" said Claire, her eyes lighting up at the suggestion.  Everyone went upstairs and got dressed to go in the pool when I realized that Claire might have trouble.  I knocked on the door and she wheeled over and opened it.  She had her bikini on but was having trouble tying the top because of the wheelchair handles in the way.  "Could you help me tie this?" she asked, as if ashamed.  "Of course, love" I replied, happy that she could trust me enough for this small favor.  I was as gentle as I could, tying the ribbon around her neck, as I actively avoided getting her long, brunette hair caught in the knot.  "Thanks a bunch," she said as I turned and grabbed the back of her chair and carefully wheeled her to the end of the hall.  I then picked her up as gently as I could, holding her like a small child and carried her down the stairs.  She was so frail and small, she would break so easily... all the more reason for me to keep her safe.  We then grabbed some towels and I carried her outside to the pool and set her down on a beach chair.  As soon as she looked ready, I picked her up and slowly guided her into the pool.  She sighed at the loss of pressure on her leg because of the decrease of gravity and began hopping around on her good foot, obviously enjoying it.  I was so happy she was having a good time.  We all got into a splash fight, Claire being the referee and sometimes even peacemaker between the extremely competitive boys.  After that ended, Harry asked Claire if she thought she might be able to put a little pressure on the fake leg since she was in water.  In response, I watched as she slowly added more and more pressure on her leg and was then followed by a yelp of pain.  You could tell she was holding back tears.  "I'm so sorry I just thought it would be a good idea..." said Harry.  You could tell he felt absolutely awful.  "Its fine I understand.  It's really sweet you care so much about my recovery" said Claire with a watery smile.  We continued to hang out in the pool when it got  really cold so we transitioned to the hot tub.   I carried Claire out and into the indoor hot tub and set her in as gently as I could.  She began to relax and enjoy spending time with us, which thrilled all of us.  The boys and I had talked about how we all want  her to trust us and be able to love us all like brothers.  At that point they all told me about how totally obvious it was that I liked her and then teased me until I blushed red.  But back to the point, we were excited that she felt happy.  

Claire's POV

I was so relaxed and I felt so safe with all the boys around me... a feeling that I thought I would not be able to feel for a long time. I guess I was wrong.  It was so comforting to know that someone was always looking out for me, whether it was Liam or Harry or Louis or anyone of the boys at all!  When Liam started rubbing my back in the hot tub, it was so comforting.  I felt safe and happy... never wanting the moment to end.  I was nervous he would pull away when I flinched when he first touched me but was happy that he understood my first reaction.  I had been longing for a guy who understood me and my character, and for once a man who didn't want to hurt me.  I hoped and prayed that Liam could be that guy.  I really did love this boy

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