With You By My Side

When Claire runs away from her abusive father, Daniel, she is terrified to find herself falling off a bridge after being shoved by a mob of girls chasing five handsome guys. When reality hits her, she realizes the fact that she was saved by Liam Payne who had dove in after her, but her leg was not as lucky. Read as these two fall for one another and learn that with one another by each others side they can accomplish anything.


5. I'd love that, actually

I was wheeled into their home and was shocked at the size of it. Just the main floor was incredible, let alone the other rooms and studios. I has never been in a palace like this before, and was completely in awe just at the sight if it. The boys must have picked up on my astonishment because they have me the full tour, not to mention a very detailed look at bathrooms. Finally, they led me to the guest bedroom that was about to be changed into another studio but was not completely finished yet. "You can stay here until the construction workers come in three weeks" said Nialler. I just shrugged in reply. " Well, I guess we'll just leave you to unpack" said Zayn, who was obviously eager to go to sleep once again. Everyone had filed out of the room when I realized that I couldn't reach the bedroom drawers from my chair and called Liam for help, obviously choosing him because I wanted to spend some more time with him. He came in and asked what I needed help with. "I can't reach the cabinets and drawers" I admitted. He laughed at my expression and said "why of course ill help you my love". As soon as he said that I began to feel all jittery inside and started to hand him my few belonging to put in the drawer. As we were organizing my things, he took a paper from his back pocket and handed it to me. It was my physical therapy schedule. It said that I would undergo intense therapy forthwith next eight months, having a two hour session every day. I would then have another three months of PT, one session every three days. "How will I get to the office?" I asked noticing that it was on the other side of town. "I'd be happy to take you..." Said Liam sheepishly, looking down at his feet. "I'd love that actually"...
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