With You By My Side

When Claire runs away from her abusive father, Daniel, she is terrified to find herself falling off a bridge after being shoved by a mob of girls chasing five handsome guys. When reality hits her, she realizes the fact that she was saved by Liam Payne who had dove in after her, but her leg was not as lucky. Read as these two fall for one another and learn that with one another by each others side they can accomplish anything.


4. A Fresh Start

Claire's POV

The doctor then released me after talking to me about my new leg.  Apparently I cut my leg so deep, I had lost too much blood to salvage it.  The only reason I survived was because Liam carried me all the way up the river to the ambulance that could not make it down the road.  They had used the highest technology they could to replace my leg, but the most they could do was save above my knee.  They then replaced it with a metal contraption that would work as a leg after many hours of physical therapy that I would have to go through.  "How will I afford the surgery?"  I asked the doctor since I only had a little money my mom had given me when she began to suspect that she would be in trouble.  She guessed right.  It was that night that she was killed in her sleep.  It was the worst night of my life.  "Well, these boys all cashed in and payed for the medical bill and are offering to pay for your Physical Therapy." I slowly turned my head and glared at the boys with my might, shooting them my most evil look.  All they did was smile and laugh.  "How could you guys do this for me!" I yelled "You guys don't even know me!" They just shrugged and started to turn when I burst out in tears.  "Why are you crying?" Liam asked. "Because! This is the first time anyone has ever been kind to me since my mom was murdered" I sobbed.  Liam came over to me and began to rub my back, calming me down enough to slowly drift to sleep once again.

Liam's POV

She was so beautiful, even when she was upset.  The anger bubbling up inside of me when she was telling all the bad things her father did to her made me want to protect her even more.  I knew that it was going to be hard one her from the moment I realized that she would no longer have use of her leg, let alone loosing it all together.  All I wanted to do is make her feel safe, and make her trust me.  You could see the pain in those bright blue eyes, the tears constantly threatening to spill over.  As I rubbed her back, soothing her to sleep, I just wanted her to be happy.  I loved holding her hand, and died inside every time she backed away from me.  I want her to trust me as much as I know she wants to too.


Claire's POV

When I woke up, Liam was still rubbing my back.  I didn't push it away, yet didn't want him to know how much I love it when he comforts me.  "We should probably go..." I mentioned, reminding the boys that we had been at the hospital for fourteen hours.  I began to get up, preparing for another night on a park bench when I realized that I can't walk.  Just then the nurse pushed a wheelchair in.  The tears began to well up again, reminding me off my new disability.  The nurse left the wheelchair and exited.  "I think I need some help getting into the chair" I whispered, embarrassed at my helplessness.  "Why of course, love." said Liam, pushing away Zayn who had finally waken up to help.  He picked me up bridal style and held me for a little bit longer than he needed to before he set me down into the chair.  "Well, thank you for all your help" I said, attempting to avoid their further aid.  I began to wheel out when Liam caught me by the handles of the chair and asked me where I was going.  "I'm not sure, but don't worry about me" I answered nonchalantly.  "Um, I don't think it's possible not to worry about the girl you just spent fourteen hours in a hospital room with" Liam said with a grin.  I groaned, expecting more aid.  "So, I'm going to ask you again, where do you think you are going?" Liam said proudly, as if cocky about stopping me from going out onto the street.  "I don't have a place to go." I said in defeat.  Almost immediately Louis took control of the chair and sped me out of the room, causing four nurses to yell at us to slow down.  I giggled as he ran up and down the isle, constantly screaming "carrots" when we passed by doctors.  Finally, I demanded we exit.  Without even realizing it Liam gently lifted me into their car and drove me to their home. Well, I guess a fresh start is in order.

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