With You By My Side

When Claire runs away from her abusive father, Daniel, she is terrified to find herself falling off a bridge after being shoved by a mob of girls chasing five handsome guys. When reality hits her, she realizes the fact that she was saved by Liam Payne who had dove in after her, but her leg was not as lucky. Read as these two fall for one another and learn that with one another by each others side they can accomplish anything.


1. A change for the better

Claire's POV As soon as I woke up I knew something was wrong. I slipped into jeans and an old t-shirt, praying that my abusive father would not wake Up.I stared at the mirror at the end of the room, shattered from when my "dad", Daniel threw me against the wall, Desperate to know why people hate me as much as I think they do. I studied my features, questioning my purpose. Deep, blue eyes, small nose, freckles and brown hair with blonde streaks that had been kissed by the sun. I was a far from typical eighteen year old. I was not entirely ugly, despite the multiple scars covering my body, many of them self inflicted. Why was I so hated? Creeping out through the hall, I poked my head into the main living room, unsurprised to find Daniel passed out on the floor. Desperate to escape unharmed, I quietly walked around him on the squeaky floorboards to get to the door. "Claire!!!" I froze in terror, anticipating the awful things to come next. As I slowly turned my head, saw Daniel toss and turn on the carpet and then fall asleep once more. I thanked my lucky stars, then appreciating this one chance I just got to turn my life around. Ever since my mom was murdered, most likely by my father, my life has become a living heck. Let's just hope that my life has made a change for the better...

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