Stars is just heaven showing you how to get there, how to go home

A murder mystery


2. Stargazer chapter 2

The van pulled up to the house, Benjamin knocked on the large brown door as Gloria Jane, the victims mother approached him. '' May i come in Mrs Jane''. ''Yes'' she replied ''I've been expecting you might give me a visit today''. Her eyes were dark as if she was crying and she had bags under her eyes.  ''follow me she said make your self at home, come sit, would you like some tea '' she asked. No thank you-actually yes i would like some interrupted Benjamen,  Ava stared  at him.We would like to ask you a few questions about your daughter,Taylor, Ava said. '' Mrs Jane started to cry ''okay'' she replied. ''When did your daughter disappear''. '' about 1 year ago tomorrow''. ''I'm sorry to hear that Mrs Jane'' replied Benjamen.  ''Is there anyone that might want to hurt  your daughter'' asked Ava. ''Yes'' she replied''Ava had a growing disorder,she had a body of a 22 year old but her face and her brain worked like a 6 year old,  she had to go to a special day care during the day, when Taylor came home that day i gave her a hug but her hair smelt like my shampoo,i only used baby shampoo on my Taylor''Mrs Jane started to cry''When Taylor disappeared they stopped  questioning him, Allen Stomp was his name'' She was still crying. ''we better check him out, come on Large lets go.

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