Stars is just heaven showing you how to get there, how to go home

A murder mystery


1. Stargazer chapter 1

Theres a new case,  they have found a body in a well,  got that agent.''yes'' replied agent Ava Keller  ''come on lets go''.  Agent Ava Keller and Special Agent Benjamin Large headed of to the van to go investigate the crime scene. ''The victim is a female about 22 years of age,and this victim shows signs of arthritis in her neck but to be in this condition she would have to spend lots of time looking up''.  Ava looked at the owner of the well and asked ''does this well freeze over during the winter''. ''yes'' he said.'' this body , must have been buried last year.  We will bring the body to the lab and check it out.

At the lab we have an artist named Cindy that draws pictures of what the face might look like.  We gave her the scull and she gave us the picture.  ''This can't be the face'' Ava said '' this is messed up? ''It has to be wrong''. ''No'' Cindy replied ''this is right i have been drawing these pictures for years and this is what she looked like''. ''she looks like a 6 year old alien'' replied Benjamin. ''Oh stop it Large this is not a joke this is a murder victim were talking about replied Ava.  Lets see if she's in the system '' yep she's here our victim, Taylor Charlotte jane is her name, she lives on 19 Sliver Place, lets give her mother a visit.



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