Now That you are Here

Sequal to Finally Got the Girl.
*Sorry to any of you who read the first version of this*
-After the birth of their quintuplets, they thought fate would be on their side. But they were very, very wrong. Niall soon finds himself alone and depressed.-


3. Your help

*Niall's POV*

I am a mess. Since the day they were taken I haven't slept. It's been two weeks now and there is still no sign of them but I won't give up hope. I am in a hotel because the house has too many memories of my family in it. I get out of my shower and then the idea comes to me.

"The fans!" I think. I quickly get dressed and open twitter. I start a twitcam.

"Hey guys." I say glumly "Some of you may have heard that the police were at my home recently and some other rumors. I am hear to clear the rumors up, but I also need your help with something. The rumors that the police were at my home recently were true. They were there because I came home one night a few weeks ago to an empty home. Nicole, Riley, Colin, Carter, Brooklyn, and Elle were kidnapped leaving a trail of nothing but shattered glass and blood. The poilce have not found any trace of them. I need your help, if you have seen or heard anything please contact police immeadiatly. I need my family back." I break down in tears "Sorry for crying guys" I continue through my tears "It's just that my family means the world to me and I miss them very much." With that I turn the camera off and sign out.  I curl up and cry as I think of my family.

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