Now That you are Here

Sequal to Finally Got the Girl.
*Sorry to any of you who read the first version of this*
-After the birth of their quintuplets, they thought fate would be on their side. But they were very, very wrong. Niall soon finds himself alone and depressed.-


17. Pressure

*Liam's POV*

I am really hoping that what ever news Zayn and Louis have is good news because for the past few months it has been nothing but bad and I think poor Nialler could use some good news more than  anything. Zayn nodded and left the room to get "him". Whoever "he" is. When Zayn came back in he had a baby boy no older than 2 years old in his arms.

"We have a baby now." Perrie said blushing

"Well that was about 9 months I apparently missed Louis said jokingly but I took things a bit more seriously.

"What? When? How?" I stamerd

"His real parents died in a car crash earlier right in front of the apartment." Zayn said

"I road in the ambulance with the mother and her last dying wish was to have Zayn and I raise the baby." Perrie chimed in and Zayn nobbed. I was shocked. I was happy for them since they had always wanted kids but I am sure this isn't how they planned on getting one.

"Well he is adorable!" Danielle said running up to Zayn and gushing over the baby. I stood up by Danielle's side and looked down a the baby. He had blonde hair that curled just below his ears and big blue eyes.

"His name is Ryder." Perrie said gazing down at the baby who was looking up smiling. Niall was at my side now too and was smiling down at the baby.

"Such a calm boy, isn't he? he said

"Yeah actually Ryder rarely cries." Zayn said

"Thats his name? Ryder?" I asked and Perrie and Zayn nodded

"That's so cute!" Danielle gushed

"Guys." Louis said nervously "El and I are getting a baby too."

"Just a bit more naturally than they way Zayn and Perrie got their's" El added

"That's awesome!" Perrie and Dani both said and gave El hugs and I sat next to Harry

"Pressure is on now I suppose." I whispered in his ear

"What do you mean?" he asked me

"Well now Danielle is going to want to have kids but I don't think I am ready." I said

"She will understand." Harry told me "Just be happy you have someone who would be willing to have kids whith you and that you love. I would love kids but I don' think that will happen until I find that girl."

"I know mate." I said "You will find that girl someday too. I promise."

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