Now That you are Here

Sequal to Finally Got the Girl.
*Sorry to any of you who read the first version of this*
-After the birth of their quintuplets, they thought fate would be on their side. But they were very, very wrong. Niall soon finds himself alone and depressed.-


16. News

*Niall's POV*

"Niall please go home, it's late." she told me

"I can't leave you." I replied simply

"Why not?" she asked puzzled "I am fine."

"Becasue I love you" I said back to her. Her eyebrows furrowed as if in thought and then she spoke.

"I need to be alone. Please. I need to clear my head and think." I nodded and bent down to kiss her but she turned her head so I kissed her temple instead.

"Goodnight love." I said closing the door behind me. My phone rang on the way to the car. I looked down at my phone. It was my realistate agent. I had called her to sell the house. I just couldn't live ther anymore, too many bad memories. I answered the phone.

Phone Convo:

Agent: Hi Mr. Horan. I believe I have found a house that suits your needs if you are willing to take a look

Niall: Yes that sounds great. When exactly?

Agent: Tomorrow around 2-ish?

Niall: Fine with me

Agent: Okay. I will text you the adress. Thankyou

End of call

I hung up the phone and no later had I pulled into the driveway did I get a mass text from Zayn.

From Zayn:

Hey lads. Perrie and I have some news mind meeting at our house? Thanks.

Louis quickly responded

From Louis:

El and I will be there. We have news to share too :)

 While I was there I figured I could tell them about Nicole so I pulled back out of the driveway and headed to Zayn and Perrie's apartment. When I walked in, all the others were already there. I sat down on the couch next to Liam and saw that everyone else was looking at me. Perrie, Zayn, Louis, Eleanor, Harry (complete with cast), and Danielle were all looking at my with a very sympatetic look. I just couldn't stand it.

"You can save your sympathy." I almost sneered at them "She woke up today." once aI said that they perked up.

"How is she?" Danielle asked but I just shrugged my shoulders

"We need more than than Niall." Harry chimed in

"She is having trouble with her memory but she will remember." I said confidently

"How much trouble?" Liam asked with a furrowed brow

"She didn't remember her own name. But it doesn't matter because she will snap out of it." I replied with a slight nod of the head and saw that the sympathetic looks had come back. "Can we change the subject?" I asked and they nodded

"Zayn and I have some news anyways." Perrie said and then turned to Zayn "Will you go get him?" she asked him 

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