Now That you are Here

Sequal to Finally Got the Girl.
*Sorry to any of you who read the first version of this*
-After the birth of their quintuplets, they thought fate would be on their side. But they were very, very wrong. Niall soon finds himself alone and depressed.-


10. Drop it

*Nicole's POV*

I want to go out with the boys and help, but I am still not feeling well and I can barely walk so I have to stay home.

"Be back later babe." Niall said giving me a kiss on my temple "Harry will stay here with you aand keep you company. Call me if you need anything." and with that Niall walked out the door leaving me with Harry. I was lying on the counch scanning instagram. I have been trying everything to get my mind off the fact that my kids were kidnapped and I can't do anything to help but stay at home. Harry and I sit in silence for an hour or so doing stuff on our phones until the silence is killing me so I try to start small talk.

"So what happend between you and Taylor?" I ask him and see his face flood with anger.

*Harry's POV (been a while huh?)*

Nikki asks the question I have been dreading and I flashback to that skype with taylor...

Taylor: Harry I have missed you so much!

Harry: I have some bad news

Taylor: Ok...what is wrong

Harry: Nikki and the kids have been kidnapped

Taylor: Oh, thats all. You had me really worried.

Harry: What do you mean thats all?!? You best friend and your frickin godchild and their sibblings have been kidnapped!

Taylor: Calm down. I didn't mean it like that. Can we just change the subject. I am nominated for a grammy you know< will you go with me to the ceremony?

Harry: You are just going to change the subject? This is serious!

Taylor: Stop yelling at me! You are stressing me out!

Harry:You are stressed out? How do you think the kids feel? Or how Nikki feels? Or how Niall feels?

Taylor: Why do you always over react?

Harry: I am not over reacting! 

Taylor: Yes you are! They will turn up!

Harry: They will turn up?  Taylor, they didnt get lost! They were kidnapped for god's sake! Show a little heart! Oh that's right you don't have one!

Taylor: How dare you! You know what? We are done!

Harry: Fine with me! I never want to see or hear from you again!

Taylor: Good! You were a bad kisser anyways and I hope Nicole never turns up because Niall is a fat blonde pig!

Harry: I can not believe I gave you 5 years of my life!

And with that I hung up.

"I realized she didn't have heart and that she is very disrespectful." I said to Nikki simply I didn't want to tell her the whole story becasue I didn't want to upset her.

*Nicole's POV*

I could tell Harry didn't want to talk about it anymore so I dropped it and we both went back to our phones until a loud crash made me look up. The front door had burst open, allowing a showdow of a figure that I recognized that only appeared in my nightmares to appear. I screamed and everything went black as the shadow pulled out a gun.



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