Now That you are Here

Sequal to Finally Got the Girl.
*Sorry to any of you who read the first version of this*
-After the birth of their quintuplets, they thought fate would be on their side. But they were very, very wrong. Niall soon finds himself alone and depressed.-


12. Are we dead?

*Harry's POV*

White All I see is white. "Am I dead?" I think to myself. I see flashbacks. I see Nikki. I see the door crashing in. I see Nikki laying on the ground. I hear a gunshot. And I see blood. A lot of blood.

*Louis's POV*

It has been a long, long week. Harry and Nicole are both in comas, Niall is an emotional wreck, and the kids still have not been found. We don;t even have a lead. The other lads and I have been helping the police  since Niall is pretty much useless. He is pretty much depressed, slipping in and out of sleep. Even when he is awake all he does is sit in the hospital room holding Nikki's hand and staring out the window. I don't blame the poor lad but sitting around isn't going to help anything. I walk into El and I's house. We had bought it about 3 years ago, 6 months before we got married and it was huge. Much to big for two people. We had talked about kids but we decided against it because we both had such busy jobs we didn't think it would work. Anyway, all I want to do right now is curl up in bed and sleep.

"I am home!" I yell as I walk in. No responce. That's weird. Eleanor's car was in the drive way, I saw it on my way in. I make my way up the stairs and into the bedroom. Still nothing.
"Lou." I hear from the bathroom across the hall. I turn around and see Eleanor, her eyes still wet with tears.

"What's wrong babe?" I say becoming extremely worried. With all that has been going on the past year I have been pretty much expecting the worst. El doesn't say anything, she just simply leads me into the bathroom and to the sink. I gaze down and see 5 positive pregnacy tests.

*Harry's POV*

All the blood disappears and I am in a grassy medow. I feel so happy here. Surely I am dead. Then, as if an angle form the sky, I see Nicole coming towards me.

"Harry." she says

"Are we dead?" I ask very scared

"No. You aren't anyway." she responds flattly

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