Inside The Circle

How many people have asked you: What's your name and who are you? And how many times do you answer with two answers because your not just Mia Williams daughter of famous Veil Williams. But your also something so powerful the super natural world would go to get length to kill and take your powers. And the 'good' will do anything to exile you to save their own butts.

Well, my answer to that question is

"Hi, I'm Mia, the new transfer student." I announced to the class before me. I could tell off-hand some were werewolves and at least two vampires. How? Well I can since stuff like that and since my birthday is tomorrow, my powers are evolving.

It was told in ancient times that a great creator will only grow has her age and lessons does and only the truly wise or powerful will stop evil for good. But without evil the world with self destruct.

What will happen if I destroyed all evil?
Could I.....?
Find out more...


4. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

We were dancing rocking back and forth repeatedly, listening to the music pound over and over again. This reminded me of the time when I was at my first high school party a year ago, when my powers started to develop. That's when she was taken, my mother, and that's when they killed him, my father. It had been on my birthday the tragedy started and the day I vouch for revenge. When I was ready I was going to find out why, and who did this...

"Mia!" Carmon yelled over the music causing me to snap my head to her direction, realizing I'd stop dancing I continued. "What happened? You totally stopped dancing and spaced out." She continued taking a swing of her drink in her right hand bobbing her head to the music.

"Uh, sorry. I'll be right back" She stopped dancing and looked at me curiously. Lisa mad her way through the crowd towards us. "Um, don't flow me, just go dance with Melody and Lisa. Look she coming here." I walked into the kitchen putting my hands on the counter taking deep breathes. Absorbing the humans feeling like a Alpha werewolf would to get stronger.

My Great, Great Grandpa was a Alpha werewolf but my Great, Great Grandma was half werewolf and vampire. So yeah I'm part vampire, which is way sometimes I need blood and I'm also part werewolf, explains why I adsorb peoples emotions which makes me stronger.

"Mia, was it?" A smooth voice asked me from behind. I shivered at the power signature that was given off and flowed into my body. My heat picked up little bit at an unusual pace which made me scared because I'm never nervous like I am now. "Uh hello?" Who is this? I thought while turning around to see who the smooth voice belonged to.

Then, my world stopped and everything around me became slow expect for my heart beat. But no matter how many times I tried to slow it down it just became faster; I'm sure any supernatural creature such as a werewolves or vampires could hear it. But I didn't care cause all I could focus on was his hazel gray eyes that was filled with so many emotions it was hard to define them all.

Happiness, for what? I don't know... Worry, is he worrying over someone he cares about? I concluded looking at him even more trying to figure him out but it was really hard when I was starting to feeling really tingly for no apparent reason. Like I've been pointed by small needles tenderly. Who was he and why is he making me feel this way?

"Um? Mia right?"

Oh crap! Did he just see me staring at him? Suddenly I felt really, really nervous...Uh! Say something. Say something you retarded freak!... Then something happened unexpected that it almost made almost jump. Uh? He laughed, barked a loud laugh for no apparent reason. Um, weird-o much?

Then as soon as that though passed through my mind he stopped immediately. Oh no! His a vampire, so of course he could read my mind. I inquired while bringing my mind walls up, How could I've been so stupid I asked myself.

"So your Mia right?" He asked for the third time.

"Oh I'm sorry, yeah. But why would that concern you Nathaniel? I mean I did beat up your 'friend' but other than that?...." I said innocently leaving the sentence open so he could finish it, which he never did. "So?" I asked for him to continue but i took him silents as a clue he wasn't sure what to say next. And to be honest, neither did I.

So I decided to walk away and when i did it tug on my heart to leave him behind. That's when it hit me, I don't know this guy and did I want to? No, he's a vampire and vampires are the evil ones I was born to destroy, at least that's what that witch told me. But there was a part of me who wanted to know him. Why? No idea...

Heading towards the woods, I'd notice a couple of people there kissing and making-out. But what stood out the most was the dark shadow that lurked behind the trees. It didn't scare me one bit, but what did was the fact that there were two more begin it. That's what made me stop walking so fast towards it.

I thought it was just one I had to kill to get my information from. How did I not realize that lesson she gave me, where's one there is another. That's one of the most memorable memories I have til this day. Yet, I sise to forget it.

How did I now they would be here? It was the witch's vision she gave me, and that's why I move to Luktore High in the first place.

"Mia! Hey, why'd you leave me in the kitchen like that? I was going to ask you if we could hang out sometime." Nathaniel voice sang to me. Oh he just had to follow me I thought. Is hand touched my shoulder making me bite my lower lip from the electric shock that ran through me. Why? I asked god. Why did he have to interrupt me at this time? I continued turning around.

"Nathaniel! Leave me the hell alone! I've got businesses to do..." I said turning back around towards the woods and slowly walking towards it. I could still feel his eyes on me burning intently two deep holes in the back of my head. Why the hell is he still there? I thought turning around looking to see him slow walking after me. This caused me to get pissed off even more.

"Why the hell you still following me?!" I yelled over the loud music causing some staring toward me way.
"What are you doing? Going into the woods?"

"What is it to you?" I questioned.

"Just answer to DAMN question!" His sweet voice was completely good instead those wood spoke sent unpleasant shivers down my spine. It was venous. And unpleasant...

"I'm completing my mission.." I all but whispered lowering my head not daring to look at his face because I didn't ant him to see me face. The shadows in the woods were leaving I could sense it but I couldn't under his stare, cause I knew he would follow me. I didn't want that, I didn't want him she me do what I was going to do.

"What mission? Why?" He took a couple steps closer to me making my heart all but flutter by the caring look he held when i finally looked up into his eyes Does he always ask these many question?

"To survive.." My voice harden and my my eyes turned cold and with that I disappeared into thin air after speaking these few words.

Θεοί να μου λυθεί

Did I mention, I'm also part witch?

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