Inside The Circle

How many people have asked you: What's your name and who are you? And how many times do you answer with two answers because your not just Mia Williams daughter of famous Veil Williams. But your also something so powerful the super natural world would go to get length to kill and take your powers. And the 'good' will do anything to exile you to save their own butts.

Well, my answer to that question is

"Hi, I'm Mia, the new transfer student." I announced to the class before me. I could tell off-hand some were werewolves and at least two vampires. How? Well I can since stuff like that and since my birthday is tomorrow, my powers are evolving.

It was told in ancient times that a great creator will only grow has her age and lessons does and only the truly wise or powerful will stop evil for good. But without evil the world with self destruct.

What will happen if I destroyed all evil?
Could I.....?
Find out more...


7. Chapter Six

Chapter Six

I'd stood in the abandon hallway a tear away from completely breaking down and going on a blood rampage. Why, you may ask... BECAUSE!!! Of him, the leader of that 'it' crowd, Salvor. I'm constantly reminded of his brown short curly hair, light blue yes, painfully bright smirk, and rude mocking comments.

 I like him but he betrayed me, in more ways then one.


I wiped around desperately wiping my eyes with my hands before coming face to face with Nathaniel... and him. Gulping down my saliva I tremble his name before sending a wickedly cold smirk his way." Salvor."

Breathe, and mental block!

Seeing him shiver made me smirk even more before he put up a smirk of his own. I wasn't going to run away from him anymore, not after I found out how strong I was. Now with my inner and outer aura power that is 'new-found'; since him, I'm never running away from another person again.

Plus why is he even he, and his 'crowd'?. Why is he with Nathaniel anyway? Is Nathaniel with him, is he going to betray me too? NO! NO, no, no, no. Nathaniel is not even important, why would I care if he was with Salvor and what they did. Or planned. And stop trembling Mia, for gods sake your stronger than the whole supernatural community put together. Literally.

"Um, do you know each other?" Nathaniel asked, duh, how else would I had known his name? Hmm, well maybe because I could read people minds but he didn't know that. Well I guess he did know I thought to myself.

"What do you think?" I said coldly turning to face him.

"So how you two meet?"

"She was my..." He hesitantly started before trailing off. Since Nathaniel didn't know we knew each other maybe there is hope. Maybe he's not with this prick. Maybe, just maybe.

"Go ahead Lvor, tell him what I was and what you did." I taunted him intensely, smile a warm smile at Nathan as he uncomfortably turned towards Salvor questioningly.

"What you did?" Nathaniel nearly growled becoming increasingly anxious to hear weather or not Salvor hurt me; physically or verbally. It wasn't that hard to tell that he cared based on that piercing glare he sent his 'friend'.

"S-she was my girlfriend." He stammered slightly effected by Nathan's 'change of mood'.

"Don't forget what mention what you did to me" I sang before walking away in the opposite direction, dropping my cool front after no one could see my face. I might of stayed but I would've broken down on the little reminder of what role he played.

Shit, forget what pain he caused me cause' I'm pissed off now.

Damn, live suck.



Ok, so that party wasn't all that well base on the outcome that had happened. And my stupid little mind kept bringing up two major subjects that made me want to run away for ever.

Nathaniel and Salvor.

Uh! "Mia!" I turned to see Melody jumping mid-air at me, basically tackling me to the ground.

"Ok, now life sucks." I murmured to myself slightly groaning as the concrete meet my head. Hardly...

"OH! OH! I sooo sorry Mia, I didn't mean to hurt you." Melody began to ramble on for a couple more minutes before she notice something on my head. Her eyes widen and began to hold shock afterwards. "Omg Mia, your, your head wound just like, like h-heal on its own," she began jumping off my stomach. "Are you like a v-vampire of something?" She asked. Um... Should I?

"No, much, much better"


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