Inside The Circle

How many people have asked you: What's your name and who are you? And how many times do you answer with two answers because your not just Mia Williams daughter of famous Veil Williams. But your also something so powerful the super natural world would go to get length to kill and take your powers. And the 'good' will do anything to exile you to save their own butts.

Well, my answer to that question is

"Hi, I'm Mia, the new transfer student." I announced to the class before me. I could tell off-hand some were werewolves and at least two vampires. How? Well I can since stuff like that and since my birthday is tomorrow, my powers are evolving.

It was told in ancient times that a great creator will only grow has her age and lessons does and only the truly wise or powerful will stop evil for good. But without evil the world with self destruct.

What will happen if I destroyed all evil?
Could I.....?
Find out more...


2. Chapter One


Chapter One

It's been a week since those vampires surrounded me, apparently they gossip more than a clique club of girls cause the next thing I know the whole entire school is whispering a talking about me like I'm some kind of freak show. But does it bother me? No, why? Cause it earned me some friends…

 So maybe the gods were on my side after all. But the down side is that, that guy who I had been staring at had an eye for me. It was kind of creepy, he was looking at me when he had an opportunely to. But for some reason I didn't mind, it was kind of a thing now. He would look at me in class a seat across from me and we would just pass smiles at each other like we were friends for years. It was a kind gesture we gave each other every class; at least twice in each one.

I think his name was Nathanial, well it seem like I wasn't the other one noticing his watchful glaze he always had on me. This friend, Jackson, seemed to not prove of his interest in me. Why? Well because I beat him up, when? Well when that guy at the locker took a step next to me acting like he was about to swing, I believe his name is Jackson. Anyway, I beat him up he seem to actually been trying to hurt me so I didn't hold back. I used half my strength while he went full force. I could tell by how out of breath he was, I was standing there looking at him shaking me head calm as ever.

"Wow, for a vampire you sure as weak..." I said turning my eyes cold, this seem to make him and some a the guys standing here shiver in fear, surprising, no. "You’re probably wondering what I am, I can tell you I'm not a Siren, vampire, werewolf, or a witch. So you guess" I said to them turning around to open my locker and put my stuff away. Then taking out a couple books and notebooks to put them in my book-bag.

No I'm not a book worm I just like doing what I'm supposed to do in school to get into a good college, why am I talking about this when vampires are looking like their about the attack me? I have no clue. But I know I'm safe, even though it looks like I'm not.

I guess my power signature was so powerful they didn't want to take a change like Jackson stupidity had done. I laughed when I saw him coward behind his friends that was helps him stand up. I looked at my watch to see if I still had time to go to lunch. I did, "This is so boring" I murmured into the cool air putting my right arm down.

"What are you?" A unstable voice spoke from the ground, I looked down at Jacksons' new position.

"I sorry, I can't tell you that." I replied with a sigh walking slowly away. My breathing was hitched inside me throat when I saw Nathaniel crack a small smile at me. It had made me blush a bit and become a bit shy at what I had done.

Oh I'm such an idiot I thought to myself, he just saw me beat up his friend right up front. He probably thought I was some type of freak. But why would he smile at me? I inquired.....

Why would he smile at me?

"Hey! Mia!" Lisa smiled at me picking up her speed when she saw me. Lisa heard about what happen, when I beat up the supposedly up level vampire and wanted to check out the 'guy' who did it. But when she found out it was just a girl she laugh so hard and had a quest to me.

When she did we'd became instant friends. Quit a story right? Well to make a long story short she introduced me to a few of her friends. There I made two more friends and  one best friend, besides Lisa. Since it had only been a week, were still getting to get to know each other, so we're not that close.

"Slow down will you?" She said following me in sync to the lunch room. I slowed down just a bit so she could catch her breath.

"So are you going to the party?" He asked pure curiously pouring from her voice, she always seemed interested in what I was doing. I think it was because she could feel my power dripping off of me because I had a lot. Everyone seemed to notice it, including the humans. They all seems to since great power from me.

"Yeah, I am. It's two days time right?" I inquired looking at her with a hint of smile forming on my lips. She was such a joyful person, and pretty to. Her brown hair and light blue eyes that always seemed to light up every second of the day.

"Yeah well about that, Omar changed it to tonight." Lisa explained rolling her eyes now looking away from me but still smiling. She wore a light blue tank top and denim jacket and dark blue skinny jeans with white high heels.

"Why did he change the party date?"

"His parents are going to be back in town in two days, and he told Erisa he'd like an extra day to clean and repair things just in case anything bad would happen. Which we both know something will."

 She was right, the little time I had talked to Omar he seemed a little reckless. Even though he fell to feel comfortable around me because of the rumors going around about me beating that guy up. But that's alright because I'll make sure he warms up to me at the party.

 But I have to complete my goal, after all that's the only reason why I moved here; to find her.

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